Xbox: Do or Die in 2011

RevoltTech writes:

As we head into the New Year next month, one must look back and notice the extreme changes that the technology world went through. One of the most surprising shifts was the huge spike in Playstation 3 sales after the new SKU and price drop. Current VG Charts numbers (and we all know how reliable they are…not) place the Playstation 3 only 4 million units behind the Xbox 360. Despite a one year lead and reporting units shipped rather than sold, the Xbox appears to have lost its steam while the Playstation has just hit its stride.

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stonecold32871d ago

and vg charts are unreliable source cant wait till end of january when the real results get released. peace out

anthraxCZ2871d ago

true title, even i am a happy owner of xbox 360, next year i will decide if i stay or go to sony

ms, you have to bring some great exclusives, including kinect hardcore games

-Alpha2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

MS can do just fine without hardcore gamers like you. They know that, and that is why everybody is so afraid.

Pillville2871d ago

"stay or go to sony"?

you know you can have both, right?

crzyjackbauer2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

its PS3's time to DO OR DIE

dont they say every year "its the best year for the ps3"?
every year they fall behind xbox

with all the exclusives coming up on 2011
its DO or DIE for ps3

my ps3 is collecting dust and its nothing but a bluray player to me, i didint care for UC2
let just hope Resistance 3 is as good as Reasistance 1

HxCGamer2871d ago

damn jack bauer, you are crazy!

zootang2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )


What about;

Demon Soul's
God of War 3
Heavy Rain
Modnation Racers
Gran turismo 5
Yakuza 3
3D dot Heroes

All this years Exclusive to PS3, not on PC. Did I miss any?

fucadastates2871d ago

jack.. every year is the year of the ps3. its just that awsome, 2008 AMAZING, 2009 even MORE AMAZING.. 2010 EVIL AS HELL AMAZING. it just gets better and better.. the xbox360 tho.. just lacks good ekslusivs.. every year.. name me some AAA eksklusivs for 2011? i will give you one.. GeOW3

Active Reload2871d ago

It seems to me MS is being kind of cautious in their spending on a new ip. The only games I notice that sell well on the 360, other than shooters, are Fallout and Fable. But then again, Fallout is a shooter...Maybe I should replace Fallout with Oblivion. Anyway, the next exclusive they bring out, they'll have to do a better job than they did with Alan Wake.

Nitrowolf22871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

"dont they say every year "its the best year for the ps3"?
every year they fall behind xbox "
please do explain

i think Sony been releasing way more exclusive every year then the MS has been doing with the 360 (and i am not talking about kiddy games that obviously not many people on this site cared about before until MS started making them for Kinect)

Now even looking at sales chart PS3 been outselling 360 when you compare year on market

(here comes VGCrap)
Sales comparison: Side by side Year on market
1st Year on the market: PS3: 1,252,105 Xbox360:1,169,924
2nd Year on the market: PS3: 7,704,872 Xbox360: 6,730,027
3rd Year on the market: PS3: 9,920,589 Xbox360: 7,848,006
4th Year on the market: PS3: 12,936,669 Xbox360: 10,978,083
5th Year on the market: PS3: 10,585,503 (incomplete year) Xbox360: 10,232,216
***6th Year on the market: PS3: (hasn’t started yet) Xbox360: 9,462,601(Incomplete year) ***

i wrote this a while ago so it isn't up to date maybe to last months. But you can see that PS3 been outselling 360 when you compare 1-4years. Every year except launch year.

even the gap is closing, it started out so big and people complained that it would never close or get close and yet here some more VGshit data

2005: PS3: 0 Xbox360: 1,169,924 Lead: 1,169,924
2006: PS3: 1,252,105 Xbox360: 7,899,951 Lead: 6,647,846
2007: PS3: 8,956,977 Xbox360: 15,747,957 Lead: 6,790,980
2008: PS3: 18,877,566 Xbox360: 26,726,040 Lead: 7,848,474
2009: PS3: 31,814,235 Xbox360: 36,958,256 Lead: 5,144,021
2010 (incomplete): PS3: 40,850,218 Xbox360: 44,718,283 Lead: 3,868,065

So exactly how has the 360 been out doing the PS3 every year?

I can grab software sales 2 if you want.

"with all the exclusives coming up on 2011
its DO or DIE for ps3 "

so having a line up that is backed up heavy by 1st party developers along with third party makes it a do or die? Isn't the 360 backed up by a bunch of 3rd party devs and little first parties?

oh and btw PS3 just outsold 360 it's 5th year according to VGcrap PS3: 10,585,503

It's funny how many people will say that the PS3 is doomed, but when you look and compare their year on the market side by side, it's clearly selling faster and way more then the 360 did the same number year on the market.

Ive been keeping track of VGcrao charts in case they been doing any type of slip ups, as i have had suspisions every time they release their comparison data. apparently they just change the month that the year starts and end, making it look like a back and forth battle showing PS3 won that year and then later showing 360 won that same exact year.

lastdual2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Two things:

1) Exclusives are important, but not as important as many here seem to think. Remember that us 'hardcore gamers' are the minority in the market. Moreover, 3rd party multiplatform games still sell *very* well on the 360.

2) Who is 1st place, 2nd or 3rd in the all-important 'Console Warz' hardly matters, when all the major players have achieved enough market share to be profitable. For instance, may not have sales as strong as, but they still have a LOT of sales. It's not like they're going to "DIE" from being in second place...

Armyntt2871d ago

@Lastdual, well said. Exclusives are important but they arent. I for one could care less if its 1st or 3rd party. Exclusive or multiplatform. If its a great game i really never understood why people feel someone else on a competing platform cant have the same enjoyment they got from said game on whatever their console of choice is. And yes also neither company is going to "die" anytime soon. M$ is here and it doesnt look like they or $ony are going to go anywhere anytime soon.

evilunklebud2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I'm not even close to hardcore and I've had both systems for years. I use the ps3 about 75% of the time now, but my kids prefer the 360.

ArmrdChaos2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

None of these companies are going away, so why it should matter who has the lead or ends up leading?
Let them all have 33% and fight like hell for the last 1%.

Oh...that's right...sad excuses for human beings rely on these numbers to claim their personal superiority by proxy.

Shut up, play, enjoy...doesn't get much simpler.

AAACE52871d ago

@zootang... What a lot of people fail to realize is no matter what kind of review a game gets... the consumer has to believe that game is for them! You listed several games and only 2 of them appeal to me...

*Demon Soul's - Not for me, not really into many rpg's
*Mag - Tried the demo, didn't like it
*God of War 3 - Good game, already beat it
*Heavy Rain - Tried the demo, not my thing
*Modnation Racers - Hahahahahaha, won't catch me playing this or Kinect racers
*Gran turismo 5 - Didn't buy Forza 3, probably won't buy this either... tired of lap races
*Yakuza 3 - Has there been a good Yakuza game yet, the demo said no
*3D dot Heroes - $10 purchase in my book

I mainly bought my Ps3 for MGS 4, Heavenly Sword and UC 2! I've tried games here and there, but I only buy games i'm interested in. I used to buy lots of games for the Ps2, Gamecube and Xbox, but I looked back and felt I wasted a lot of money on those games. Plus, a lot of games now a days just don't feel worth the money!

I've realized this gen that we (as gamers) force ourselves to like games just because that's what's available at that time! I loved R6 Vegas and played it everyday. But when I try to go back and play it, I can't believe I played a game like that with all of it's problems! But when it was released it was the new thing and we just had to accept it or move on.

Anyway, I get a feeling that MS will announce their next console soon! Sony did it already. Meaning when they are getting ready to release the new console, the old one goes more kid friendly and casual... Kinect is both!

Several titles have been pushed back to late 2011, including Gears 3! That would be a hell of a way to launch a new console, by having a title like that as a launch game!

Rare has best been known for coming out with games around the launch of a new console. I refuse to believe that a studio with over 200 employees has spent all of their time making Kinect games and doing dashboard updates! They are due for a big release, so I would say a new PD game or Conker.

Not to mention, MS has a few other studios with unannounced games!

This is just my opinion... you don't have to believe any of it!

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Kran2871d ago


which is why im getting a PS3 next year too, so I wont have to be JUST on the 360's side in N4G battles, when we always lose :P

Ill be on both.

Ninver2871d ago

M$ just needs to focus and invest more for their core gamers. If the Wii is any indication, i'd say the Kinnect will only get them so far.

On the other hand you have Sony who still produce AAA hardcore games while pushing the Move to get the casual sales. M$ needs to produce more next year or i'm afraid it's over for them.

-Alpha2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I don't know what you mean by that. If the Wii is any indication then the Kinect will get them as far as they want.

MS is all about money, they want the most profits to make and they see that with Kinect. Hope to see some hardcore titles but that, I fear, is up the 3rd party developers, a majority of which may just make casual shovelware.

We will see

RedDragan2871d ago

Shovelware is good... if you are a shareholder. This is why Microsoft are unable to keep it's momentum like Sony can.

It's a different culture in Japan and the way in which companies are run there show it as well, while in the USA it is all about money, money, money coming and as little money going out.

I think Microsoft understand what is needed to keep moving forward, but it is the American shareholders who are holding them back. Mainly because Xbox is not profit making division, I still say that the Xbox brand will end with this generation if it doesn't turn a nice profit for Wall Street.

Those investors are ruthless! I hate them!

Armyntt2871d ago

@reddragon, i disagree. M$ has shown no inclination of the XBOX brand disolving. If there was any way the brand was going to be dropped there is no way they would spend 500 million on marketing kinect. The R&D was not so high as to force a 500 million advertising campaign. Just using the information given its quite clear to hypothesize that M$ will be around for atleast one more gen.

RedDragan2871d ago

Yes they have armybtt.

It was only two weeks ago that the shareholders muted the idea of splitting up Microsoft. They specifically said they wanted the non-profit making divisions to be cast aside.

No matter what some people think, the shareholders are Microsoft. Not the board of directors. Balmer is only there as long as the investors want him there, Balmer ofcourse rejected the idea of chopping the non-profit making divisions, but in reality it is not his choice. If he refuses to budge from his stance on the idea should the investors raise it again and demand the review, Balmer will be sacked and Xbox will be on its own.

This is how the horrible, vicious world of business works in America. There is no such thing as patriotism in this place, even though Xbox is the only American console on the market (save On Live) that fact doesn't even register with the men on Wall Street.

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BX812871d ago

I can understand why people make a big deal about exclusives but to be honest I think if either PS3/360 release 2 to 3 exclusives a year, it's a good year. I'm leaning more towards 3. What I don't understand is how just because a game is exclusive, kids think that individual system has the better games for that time frame.

Convas2871d ago

I agree with you wholeheartedly. And technically, the 360 does have some good experiences coming.

XCom (360/PC)
Gears of War 3 (360)
Codename: Kingdoms (360)

You see my problem is MS' focus on Casuals now. Nobody really wanted Kinect, besides a few family gamers who said, "Hey, this'll be nice for the kids." Our problem with MS is that they seem to be saying "Look, this is Kinect, and we're focusing EVERYTHING on it now. Meaning we're cutting back on the amount of unique Core experiences you get to give you Fitness and Dance and Party games."

Now see, I have a problem with that. Whilst Move has it's share of Party games, Sony is saying "Hey look, we've got stuff for the family and parties too, but we're going to keep flooding you Core gamers with high quality Core titles that are COMPATIBLE with Move."

Right now, Sony is trying to keep things balanced, catering both to Casuals AND to Core members. Microsoft? Their throwing us entirely under the bus for the Casuals. I won't accept that.

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