PSP2 as powerful as a PS3?

EA’s Riccitiello expressed his thoughts on Apple posing a threat towards Sony’s handheld market share. While he has heard theories about Apple making things difficult in the handheld domain, he doesn’t believe it will impact Sony much.

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RedDead2877d ago


give the handheld market 10 years

Tachyon_Nova2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Indeed, 10 years would be my bet on when a handheld will have PS3/Xbox 360 level hardware.

The issues are enormous. The biggest being that it is currently impossible to fit enough transistors for the CPU and GPU into such a small area, the next biggest being heat, followed by getting enough ampage and wattage to the processors at all with a built in battery, let alone have the thing run for any length of time. Then theres the price of the thing.

It is forseable that handhelds could match PS3 in say 5 years in terms of graphics for reasons such as your viewing angle is much more restricted, the games are by nature simpler etc. when playing on a portable system than on a TV.

nickjkl2877d ago

2004 phone processor 333mhz

2010 phone processor 1.2 ghz

psp 2004 333mhz

ps2 1999 around 333mhz

ps3 2006 2.8ghz spu

Kain812877d ago


PS3 runs at 3,2GHz

ProjectVulcan2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Its about power and thermal management. Advancement relies on being able to shrink designs so they use less power and thus create less heat. In a handheld this is of the utmost importance because these are battery powered devices that realistically need passive cooling measures only.

To that end they operate on a milliwatt scale. These HD consoles used around 200 watts when they first launched, process technology advancement and other improvements have managed to get that down to under 85 watts. Of course the majority of that is still the chipset which is in excess of 50 watts for PS3. Be a few years yet until this performance is available on a milliwatt scale and thus integrated into handhelds.

If i had to call it i would say approx 10 years after a console has launched. PSP faster than PS1 10 years to the month after it launched, i expect PSP2 to be as fast or possibly faster than the original xbox and that will be ten years old next year in november. Another 5 years tops until we see PS3/360 level performance in a handheld

Washington-Capitals2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I know everyone here likes firefox, and on the topic of phones check out their future phone!
Please have tissue and extra pair of underwear.


arjman2876d ago

PSP 2 won't be running at 720p, or above, so it doesn't need PS3 level hardware.
I bet they could already get prototype PSP 2 games running at 480p (or whatever)which look like PS3 games, the only problem is battery life and the thermal design.
Whatever happens, the PSP 2 will be a beast! I'm looking forward to this generation so much :)

Rush2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

You guys have absolutely no idea what your taking about, The Iphone4 is already capable of just under 360 graphics. Watch in 1080p and try not to cry for being morons.

And taking into consideration the new Samsung Galaxy S phone's GPU is considerably more powerful then that which is found in the Iphone 4.

It's quite clear your all smoking crack if you can't believe handhelds could touch 360/PS3 graphics.

And yes I know the controls suck in that tech demo of the Iphone 4 but obviously the PSP2 will have a physical controller.

Sarcasm2876d ago


It's not that the handheld devices like the iPhone is capable of 360/PS3 graphics, it's the fact that it runs in damn near SD resolution that's on a smaller screen.

That's why they are able to simulate the type of graphics we see on our HDTVs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it looks bad, but you have to consider that most 360/PS3 games are 720p with some 1080p for PS3 games.

arjman2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Neither do you, iPhone 4 is running this demo at 640p (or it could be upscaled from a lower res) with no people or other items in there.

I'm pretty sure the iPhone 4 couldn't run this demo smoothly if it was full of people who needed AI coding and full animation.

An Xbox 360 runs the majority of it's games in 720p, some in 1080p and its more than 5 years old! Unlike the iPhone 4, released this year wasn't it?

No one said the PSP 2 wouldn't be able to reach Xbox 360/PS3 graphics, they just said the heat and battery problems are limiting it.

And don't call me a handheld console or iphone troll because I actually own both types of device and a normal console.

pain777pas2876d ago


You are absolutely correct. Also even if they can get the performance right now, its is it cost effective to produce for the mass market. Cost will have to be under $200 to make the unit at most to sell with a warranty. And then they look at 200-400% on top when they sell products. The thing is that Sony has ate up and undersold in the past so they are not looking for short term gains on most of their gaming hardware so they could look at a loss for the initial years of any product they sell. If they want to be smart they will get something into our hands for $250. Judging from the 3DS being in the 250$-300$ range we could see Sony selling this thing for 350$ again with bells and whistles. Sony say something before E3 about this thing! I want to get excited.

Rush2876d ago Show
No Way2876d ago

Waaaaaah! Some the stuff that phone does looks awesome..

NothingToGainButLove2876d ago


You are retarded if you think Sony will make a device with the iPad screen size -_-

Get your head out of your ass before you go around flaming people.

Rush2876d ago Show
NothingToGainButLove2876d ago


Man what a foulmouth. You cant make a single comment without the F word in it -__-. That being said, super high resolution on small screens are kind of a waste. Whats the point of super high pixel density when the difference is barely noticeable. It's probably much more cost saving to stick with an 800x480 resolution.

The HTC EVO's screen looks pretty crisp at that resolution and I wouldn't want a gaming screen much larger than that anyway.

Thats just my opinion

fullmetal2972869d ago

Another problem would be heating issues and battery life. Some people say "we want 1080p and HD graphics" but ignore the challenges of making hardware capable of those feat while maintaining a solid battery life and keeping the handheld from cooking your hands.

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princejb1342877d ago

i wish it was possible if the handheld is able to play ps3/xb360 on the go
i would love to play god of war while im away

JacobIsHollywood2877d ago

Does someone else want to tell him or should I?

ijkabob2877d ago



Otheros002876d ago


DaTruth2876d ago

Demon's Souls on the go! I'll miss my stop all the time!

RememberThe3572876d ago

Don't forget the new God of War: Ghost of Sparta. The game is sick!

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Kain812877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Its a little bit off Topic, but intressting i think...
Japan: Sony sold 326,639 PSP in a week

06:12:10 - Sony has sold 326 639 units of the PSP from 01:12:10 to 05:12:10 in Japan, has identified as Famitsu publishers Enterbrain. Key to the strong increase in sales was Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable for PSP 3rd, which was published on 01:12:10.

On Topic:
TOO PAWNED i agree with you.
A PSP2 with a PS3 Power, how much Battery it will eat??
If i can play at least 5-8 hours than its ok...i think

zeddy2876d ago

i doubt it will be because all i would do is play my psp2 and let my ps3 gather dust.

xtremeimport2876d ago

who cares how powerful it is as long as it has good games!

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UNLOADEAD2876d ago

I hope so to.
but Cloudberry, you seriously need to change that avatar... its so hidious.

TOO PAWNED2877d ago

same here, don't see how can they do it. It's like PS2 Toy Story thing. People over exaggerate. It is going to be most powerful handheld for sure but lets not over blow it

Shadow Flare2877d ago

It's not inconceivable that the graphics would come close to ps3. Have you seen Epic Citadel on iPhone? The graphics in that certainly pass ps2 level and some parts could certainly pass for this gens graphical quality of games

strickers2876d ago

You've got to bear in mind that it takes a lot less pixels at that screen size to look as good.It comes down to the fx it can handle.If the RAM is true,that will help a lot get some serious stuff on screen.
I personally feel the thing that would make PSP2 a hit would be twin sticks.

Jio2877d ago

I wish it would be like the old days again, with real handhelds competing for dominance. I like sony and nintendo handhelds but im sick of the ipod cutting into the handheld market. because of the iphone, the handheld video game market is ruined as more companies will want to invest in cheap games for phones

gamesmaster2876d ago

well said. iphone apps are relatively cheap to produce and make good profits which is why companys are investing heavily in smartphone games. these said games are fun at first but get boring very fast. i'll stick with my gameboy, psp, ds thanks.

MGRogue20172877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

lol yeah sure.. I'll believe that when I see it.