Dead Space 2: Isaac's no longer just an “errand boy”

GamerZines: During an exclusive interview with GamerZines, Dead Space 2's executive producer Steve Papoutsis has outlined how the lead character's role has evolved from the original game.

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Matthew943290d ago

yes he is, dead space 2 will be great but it wil still be

somethings wrong
cant get through a door
get an item
put it here
proceed on

othing wrong with that gameplay but thats the will itll probably be

zaz123290d ago

call of duty will be great but it wil still be

bang bang bang

visualb3290d ago

...most games are like that =/ silly argument.
even great games like Portal and SoTC can be broken down to redundant-like tasks if you put them that way...

hell, Dead Space was alot of "algorithms" per se, but they had context.

You had to stop the ship from crashing into a planet, but the thrusters weren't working so you had to not only figure out why, but get the to work...etc.

yes, that was a "Go here, kill enemy, go there, activate switch" but within context, it was awesome.

This new Dead Space will probably have even MORE variety and thus more context =)

OhReginald3290d ago


thats pretty much how every action adventure game is like....legend of zelda, god of war, batman: arkham asylum, resident evil 4-5, etc etc.

ThanatosDMC3290d ago

I hope we can have some stupid marine follower from time to time... i just want to see them get killed. I do like how the Necromorphs kill Isaac but i want to see it happen to somebody else from time to time in the game.

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BrutallyBlunt3290d ago

They did it with Uncharted 2 so i see no reason why they cant with Dead Space 2. Online is great and all as long as the single player aspect doesnt suffer. I hope the single player campaign is just as long if not longer than the original.

Belasco3290d ago

Actually, I thought the errands fleshed out the character, the tasks made you feel like you were doing something functional rather than simply pushing buttons, and Isaak is an engineer, not a soldier.

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