Under A Spell? Panorama on Gaming Addiction

BeefJack watch BBC Panorama's take on gaming addiction, and provide their own commentary on the issue.

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acky12870d ago

Seemed funny how they concentrated half the program on korea... must be a big problem here in the UK then?

I guess people with addictive personalities can get addicted to anything but I think the presenter was pretty negative throughout about the whole thing.

mastiffchild2870d ago

Oh, mate, don't necessarily even think people who've been addicted to other things(and as a result could be termed to have addictive personalities)could all become addicted to gaming. I'm a former, heavy drug addict myself and come nowhere near seeing ANYTHING similar in any of the hundreds of people I know who game today. Sure, I have the odd mate who plays what I'd say was way too much WoW but they don't forgo life to do it, they don't lose their jobs or end up not bathing but drug addicts and gamblers sure as hell put their addictions THAT front and centre, trust me.

Being honest there's just tons we don't understand about addiction itself never mind gaming addiction for which the evidence is VERY, very lacking as of today. There just wasn't enough there for this programmer and that's what showed to me-it was 99% padding and 1% investigation. When people get top shoplifting to support their WoW addictions(to pay their sub maybe) then get back to me but right now the issue is rare and limited to those with overriding mental issues etc. Another thing is the importance put upon "addicts" to say they have a problem-meaning to have gaming addicts someone will have to take THAT step without there being any frame of reference. To me it's silly and too early to be making such sweeping claims.

Noctis2870d ago

Too long, did not read.

Ravenor2870d ago

Excellent post Mastiff.

But I was wondering if you knew that addiction is totally a disease and when you're addicted to something you're totally the victim. Thats what I learn from American programming anyways, addiction is clearly some kind of airborne disease. /s

Video Game addiction is a farce.

Parapraxis2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I look forward to watching this program.