New DLC screens revealed for White Knight Chronicles 2

New screens have been revealed for the upcoming DLC quest for White Knight Chronicles 2 in Japan.

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sashimi3288d ago

Who's ready for some White Knight Chronicles 2! cause i know i am :)

Chris3993288d ago

They broke up the classes more in WKC2. So no more LS pwning everything. To heal you need a staff, I believe.

Very cool changes along with all the added MMOish features. Can't F'n wait.

CBaoth3288d ago

Unfortunately, there were thousands who weren't. They just spammed Big Red from GR11 to 15 then wondered why they couldn't complete quests like Miner Problems or Heat Waves wearing a complete set of Generals. Don't even get me started w/ the noobs spammin Demon's Aura at the start of a fight while they had aggro :)

Spear owned everything. M.P. was the only quest a Spear couldn't solo. Judging the changes made to the classes for 2, SSers will be the new fav w/ dual wield.

Chris3993288d ago

I stopped about 4 months after launch. Maxxed out/ geared out my toon and left just as the noob squad started taking over. I really hate using terms like "noob" and whatnot, as every player deserves a chance and I met/ played with tonnes of great gamers, but as with any MMO, some people are just idiots.

And yeah, seeing people at GR12+ in GR7-10 gear was a bit sad, really. I never understood that, grinding the same quest ad infinitum when there was other content and things that a sensible person could be doing with their toon.

WildArmed3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

oh no need to rag on them.
I knew alot of 'new' LSes, but after a week or two, they caught up.

though I always asked.. grinding to GR 12.. I can believe.. but why'd you effen grind to GR15 w/o any GR12 gear >.<

There are too many LSes and spearees in WKC, one of the I stayed away from both classes.
Ended up w/ Axe/Bow/Swrd combo.
I gotta say, I was surprised to see Axe dealing the same dmg as LS. (but we just got hit alot more.. no AGI :( )
Ofc, if it's a golem or any type of mob weak to strike, Axe did alot more.. and vice versa(weak to slash, LS>Axe) :D
(oh man it's going to hurt when everything hits back to +0 >.<)
but from what I've heard it's not like u'll ever be using ur GR15 gear again in WKC2. You get alot of better gear right off the bat.. not to mention you need to be GR18 to wear your WKC1, GR15 gear.

W/ the lv80 upgrade in WKC2, I guess i'll have to drop atleast one class from the three I currently have :(

Redempteur3288d ago

I AM !

waiting for the conclusion of the story as well as the customisation of the knights

FamilyGuy3288d ago

I've had the first game since launch and logged in well over 1500 hours. I even have a geo that's still somewhat popular with over 11,000 visits, Raven(FamilyGai)

Kinda pointless to say this but yeah, I'm pretty eager to get part 2. These pics of the DLC quest alone say a lot and those weapons look beyond badass.

I can't wait to get back into it.

Have you guys seen this video?
It's supposedly the hardest quest, you'll notice a lot of the gr12 gear from part one in there so saying our gr15 gear will be obsolete is a far stretch.

WildArmed3288d ago

Nice find, Havn't seen that boss fight before!

And as for GR15 gear, they do turn obsolete very fast.

'Is WKC2's equipments make WKC's useless?

Precisely, at GR15 you can run Veruganda (which used to be a GR21 requirement) and pick up free +10 gears that will have better stats than any WKC1 gears (if you were to manually bind/enhance them in WKC2).'

You can pick up 'unkown' gear which are already +10 and have random stats on there, so you can find REALLY good pieces w/ better stats than any GR15 gear.(which is GR18 if i remember correctly in WKC2)

I remember Valkriyie saying the same too..
I can't beleive she platted the game awhile ago >.>
Here's the gamefaq board where i get all my WKC2 info :D

Myst3288d ago

"A North American release has not been announced."

This needs to be changed pronto!

WildArmed3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I concur.
What's taking Sony so long?!
Hoping we'll hear more about it @ VGA awards :D

These guys are really taking their DLC up a notch!
I mean it has the Sun knight in there :D <3

Myst3288d ago

I'm just hoping we won't have to wait as long as we did for the first.

WildArmed3288d ago

I'm dying to find out when's the next game
(since April '10..)
It gets me all depressed when i look at WKC2 videos n how all other games pale in comparison
(ofc this is just my personal feelings about WKC-online play)

dorron3288d ago

DLC? They should release the game in Europe first!

WildArmed3288d ago

I don't believe Level 5 does their own localization. Since it's primary a Japanese developer.
Like last time they had Sony do their localization (if i remember correctly)

Redempteur3288d ago

it's coming next year (2011)

radphil3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

It would help if we knew if it was Spring, Summer, etc. :(

It was confirmed that the voice actors recorded their lines around in Aug, so it's a matter of hoping it's out soon.

3288d ago
OddBoxx3288d ago

As long as they don't take as long to release this game in the states like they did the first WKC I'll be content, I don't know if I can wait that long again without having to check myself into a mental institution.