LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector’s Edition Pre-Order Campaign Begins (PAL)

The highly-anticipated LitteBigPlanet 2 may have been pushed back into 2011, but it’s still one of the biggest games on the PlayStation 3 exclusive radar right now, especially now that Gran Turismo 5 is out of the way. And with that, almost in sequence, the pre-order campaign for the LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector’s Edition has now begun.

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Deleting2871d ago

Yeah but it really isn't a CE without something to Collect. Europes CE is a joke.

Once again Europe gets Shafted on a CE by Sony yet again, even though Media Molecule are a British company

Yi-Long2871d ago

... as always, SCEE screws us over.

Ofcourse, they'll be shocked and surprised when people have had enough of this treatment, and will turn to 'jailbreak', but TBH, when they've treated their customers like crap for years , they can't really expect 'loyality'.

Yi-Long2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

... if I would order the USA CE, can I access and play the DLC!?

Also, will it come with the water and gun stuff!? Or do you still need the DLC-packs for that!?

Red_Orange_Juice2871d ago

my browser always freezes when I enter electronictheatre :/

DORMIN2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

@Red Orange: LOL same here. It scared me because I thought my laptop was screwing up and im working on a massive project right now

On topic: I've already had my CE preordered for a few months now. CANT FREAKIN WAIT! Also, that box art is way better than our US box art.

Lucreto2871d ago

I think MM said on the Blog different retailers will give different items like GAME can give a sackboy or could get the bookends. Play have the Jak and Daxter skins at the moment.

Yi-Long2871d ago

... still means the european customer will only get a fraction of what the US customer will get.

It just sucks. Why is it so damn hard to just give everyone the exact same CE!?

It's bad enough that we already pay more for our games, CE's, consoles, controllers, etc here in Europe, and now we're getting less content and goodies as well!?

Lucreto2871d ago

It annoys me as well.

It is like The dead space 2 CE. The US PS3 and the EU 360 and PC get the plasma cutter but not the EU PS3.

We sometimes get exclusive CE like Ratchet and Uncharted 2.

Dark_Overlord2871d ago

But IMO a steel box doesn't count as a collectors edition. Extra things whether physical or ingame that very few people will have counts as collectors edition to me

Zydake2871d ago

What is the Europe CE? Can't be that bad.

Zydake2871d ago

Oh.. lol it's that bad. I had to look up the Europe CE the link isn't working for me. Just a steel case and some DLC... wow

Newtype2871d ago

I got my pre order since it was announced.

awesomeperson2871d ago

I wish us Aussies and Europeans got the bookends, feel bad for the Euros though who aren't even get the 7" plushy (from what I understand).

The Aus collectors edition from EBgames comes with the steelbook packaging, plushy and the 11 downloadabe costumes with 5 avatars.

Not much of a collectors edition and I would have loved those bookends but itl do I guess :/

Feel like we're getting shafted with a higher price and less things. Although game prices seem to be a little lower then last year, although not as low in Aus as they should be with the AUD where it is.

Nate-Dog2871d ago

It's a piece of shit quite frankly. Ooooh a metal box, sign me up. Really disappointed with SCEE and / or MM, I don't see why we can't get the same edition and the fact that it's taken so long to announce it AND the fact that they first told us we're getting the same edition, list it on Amazon, then it gets taken down and we're left in the dark until this comes along.

Goeres2871d ago

Hear hear! I canceld my CE when I heard the news some time ago. Going to stick with the regular version.