Up To 8x Cash Uncharted Multiplayer This Hannukah.

Naughty Dog: The great thing about December is that is has a ton of holidays and if there’s anything we love at Naughty Dog, it’s holidays – because they give us reason to do cool things for our UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer community.

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mantisimo2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Finally should be able to get to level 60 and above!

Progressively more points every day, Finishes Friday at 1am in the UK.

Happy Hannukah.

trainsinrdr2924d ago

i never got around to playing during the year anniversary thing and i wont be playing this 1 either cus i sold the game last week

GamerSciz2924d ago

Why on earth would you sell Uncharted 2??

trainsinrdr2924d ago

because the multiplayer kept shoving cocks up my ass by constantly disconnecting (my connection is perfect) and lagging and thats all on top of the fact that its boring as hell the only thing i like about uncharted is the storyline

Super-Brad2924d ago

You never get rid of a masterpiece.

You wouldn't get rid of a painting from Picaso, if it had a slight fault...
Same with the game, I can replay the single player multiple times and still not get bored, and the online is good (For me anyway), and you can't get chuck a game away just because the online isn't to your liking, if you like the story wll then keep it.
I still have all my old gen games, even Duck Hunt from the MegaDrive.

el zorro2924d ago

I'm not even a PS3 fanboy, but I like good games and I don't understand how you could sell one of the best games this generation.

poopface12924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

and played the multiplayer(the whole reason I bought it) almost every day for about 6 months. I almost sold it after they changed everything back in febuary I think it was. I was pissed taht they changed the entire multiplayer game for a few whiners on the fourms, and then proceed to ignore the HUNDREDS and Hundreds of people who wanted a separate playlist with the old version.

Id probably play it almost every day still if they hadnt changed it, trying to satiate COD noobs.

8X cash wow- it used to only be double. maybe Ill give it a try again. Its probably been too long for me to remember how the game originally was, maybe It wont bother me anymore.

Did they ever change the nades back to make them somewhat effective again, I remember they even ended up nerfing the nades and made them nearly useless, further aiding campers.

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slutface2924d ago

i love the support naughty dog still gives uncharted 2.

SuperStrokey11232924d ago

Dont know why some one would disagree with the support they give it... that makes no sense...

Rage_S902924d ago

because they are trolls?

anyway see you lot online :D

Shani2924d ago

I can't believe I am missing this.. :(
damn...whenever ND has something special in UC2 MP, I am outside city.

Alright.. back to study. :(

Redempteur2924d ago

woah !!
i guess it's time to welcome everyone back

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The story is too old to be commented.