Xbox 360 & PS3 Finishing 2010 Closely With Industry Rated Exclusives

Based on the current industry reviews taken from Metacritic, the top 5 most recognizable exclusives from the Xbox 360 and PS3 shows a 1% advantage to the Xbox 360 exclusives this year.

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Dante1123291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Huh. I thought Mass Effect 2 was coming to the ps3? Didn't know it was still an Xbox360 exclusive (according to game-insider).

Edit: Nvm, it's coming to the ps3.

Philoctetes3291d ago

ME2 is only a timed exclusive. In a few weeks, I'll be playing it on my PS3.

Strange_Evil3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

If ME2 is left out from the list (which it should have since it's in no way an exclusive since it's on the PC and it's even coming to the PS3), the average comes down to 83 well below PS3s 86... Also, he should have counted Modnation Racers over MAG since it's got a higher meta and could have pulled the PS3 to 87...

But to hell with the numbers.. Both consoles have had a near equal year.

But next year, Sony seems very strong. I think next year is looking more like 2009.. A PS3 whitewash.

mandf3291d ago

Not even a complete exclusive list. Then they put muliplats on the 360 list. EXCLUSIVE means you can only play it on one system and only one system. People in this world are getting stupider by the minute. Make up or omit facts to suit your argument.

el zorro3291d ago

No, it is only PS3 fanboys who this generation have tried to change the long standing recognition of console exclusives. PS3 fanboys suddenly want to pretend that console exclusives do not exist or have any impact on the CONSOLE war.

3290d ago
Redrum0593290d ago

this site and the comments are reeking of x-fanboy stench

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MAJ0R3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

aren't Splinter Cell Conviction, Mass Effect 2, and Falbe 3 multiplats?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Yeah, those are in PC, and Fable 3 is coming soon for PC next year.

alb18993291d ago

Come on a game that i played like 8 months ago and is on amazon like 15 dollars is not an exclusive?
Maybe you can say is not exclusive after ps3 one is on the streets but since is not then is an exclusive.

el zorro3291d ago

We're talking about lists of exclusives in 2010. Mass Effect 2 isn't available on the PS3 in 2010, and therefor the 360 is still the only console that can play Mass Effect 2 in 2010.

BrianB3290d ago

Its exclusive to 2010
Can you Play ME2 on your ps3 this year ..?
No!! hence why its still an exclusive

ico923290d ago

How is it an exclusive if its on the PC ?

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Shanks3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

The 360 list:

Mass Effect 2 - not exclusive
Halo Reach
Splinter Cell: Conviction - not exclusive
Alan Wake
Fable III - not exclusive

PS3 list:

God of War III
MLB 10: The Show
Heavy Rain
Gran Turismo 5

Why 360 gamers always count PC/360 games as a 360 exclusives?
You will never see a PS3 gamer count PC/PS3 game as a PS3 exclusive.

Shadowolf3291d ago

@ Shanks
While you make a valid point technically concerning Mass Effect 2, SC: Conviction and Fable III exclusivity, currently these title are not playable on the PS3. Come January PS3 gamers will be getting their hands on ME2, until then these titles remain available to one console and the PC of course.

Vesemir3291d ago

Still if they are on PC they are not exclusives.
Article fail.

Active Reload3291d ago

So Fable 3 is out now on PC? I didn't know it came out yet on PC.

Trytobee13291d ago

PS3 gamers will always pull out the "pc" to take away from the 360.

And 360 gamers will always point out that it's a console war,bits not a console + PC war thus making console exclusive, exclusives because it can only be played on one console, the 360.

Armyntt3291d ago

360/PC in my eyes is one in the same. 99.999999999% of games on 360+PC are being played on a Windows(MS) PC.

guigsy3290d ago

@ Shanks

Since you're being so picky, you might as well discount MLB 10 The Show cause it's on PS2 and PSP as well.

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AAACE53291d ago

@Shanks... Why do people like to point out that a game is not exclusive because you can get it on PC? Xbox 360 is not competing with PC! It is competing with the Ps3, so there fore, it is exclusive because you can't get it on a Ps3!

Also it has been shown that it doesn't matter how many exclusives you have, because according to an article posted on here earlier... the best selling games are usually multiplat! Therefore meaning that most people who buy these consoles don't care much for exclusives! It's mainly just if a game looks fun enough for them!

hoops3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

It's a numbers game. There are more 3rd party game developers than 1st/2nd..hence why you see more multi-platform games released in a given calender year.
It's almost 5-1.
You might see 5-9 exclusive games released during one year on any given system and 20-30 multi-platform games released during the same time period on all systems.
The reason why more gamers buy them...there are just more of them.
So if you're the type of person who CLAIMS to only play EXCLUSIVE games on the console of your choice, then you are regulated to about 9 games a year.
That my friend sucks IMO.
The reason to own all systems if you can OR enjoy multi-platform games.

[email protected] Disagrees for stating fact.
When MS or Sony or Nintendo releases MORE exclusive games than MULTI-PLATFORM games from VARIOUS 3RD PARTY Software companies during the same fiscal year, then I will say I am wrong.
Better yet, count how many total exclusive games were released in 2010 compared to multi-platform games..
Nuff' Said

fucadastates3291d ago

well if i have a ps3, i dont need to buy the competing consol.. as its not eksklusiv.
if you own a xbox360.. you NEED to buy the ps3, no shortcuts ;)

ksense3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

the point is i don't NEED a 360 to enjoy mass effect, splinter cell or fable 3 but I NEED a ps3 to enjoy their exclusives...

edit - damn fucadastates beat me to that point by a millisecond

_DragonSlayer_3291d ago

IF I don't have an XBOX can I play Splinter CEll, ME2 and Fable III?

AAACE53291d ago

"NEED" huh?

The average consumer as well as some gamers have a PC that is roughly the same as they got it! Most of them probably won't upgrade anything in it. In that case, I guess you could say they "NEED" to upgrade or buy a 360 to play one of those games without running into problems!

Which brings up the problem I said about PC's in the first place... Why spend a couple hundred upgrading a PC, when you can get a console that will play games for at least 5 years? The more you use your PC, the more you are wearing it down. Not to mention, PC games are worth very little if you want to get rid of them!

TheBlackSmoke3291d ago

Hey guys, I'm exclusively dating two women. That's right, no other woman anywhere in the world can date me because I am 100% EXCLUSIVE to ...2 women.

Exquisik3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )


You can play both ME2 and SC: Conviction on computer at the moment and soon to play Fable III (Has not been released yet), not to mention that you can soon play ME2 on the PS3 comes January of 2011 as well.


But the point still remains the same that gamers can play those games without needing a 360. Why can't you just get that? Sure the 360 may or may not provide a better experience, depending on their PC build, but the gamers can still play the games regardless of whether or not they have a 360 as long as they have a PC.

Also, you're wrong about people not caring for exclusives... Do you know why the PS2 sold the most last generation and not the Gamecube or the Xbox? It's because it has better exclusives and the largest library of exclusives (not shovelwares). People do care about exclusives. Exclusives make and define the console not multiplat. People are buying the PS3 because of its exclusives. If they only care about multiplat, then they should've just bought a 360 or stick with the 360 since it's cheaper than the PS3.


Since you mentioned that those games are not 360 exclusives, you should also mention that MLB 10 is not PS3 exclusive since it's also available on the PS2 and PSP. I know the PS2 userbase is not the same as the PC but it's still not exclusive if it's available on any other platform.

el zorro3291d ago


The problem is, you're assuming everybody is like you. Not everybody is a raging PS3 fanboy who will do anything they can to avoid having a 360.

You totally ignore the fact that many people have different needs and perspectives than your own. Not everybody is trying their best to avoid having a 360.

For example, I have a PS3 and a 360. No matter what you might argue about the relative numbers of exclusives on those two console, there are nevertheless quite a few exclusives on the 360 that alone would make me own the console. There are likewise some exclusives on the PS3 that alone make it something I wanted to own.

So, if I am already going to own a PS3 and a 360 for those exclusives that personally interest me and make it worth owning those consoles then why am I going to care what is or isn't available on the PC? If a game is on the 360 that isn't on the PS3 then I am going to buy it for the 360. If a game I want is on the PS3 that isn't on the 360 then I get it for the PS3.

Again, your error is in thinking that everybody is like you and will do anything they can to avoid owning a 360. When in reality many people already want to own a 360 for other exclusives so when a game comes along that is console exclusive to the 360 they are going to get it for that console instead of spending hundreds of more dollars to get a gaming-worthy PC.

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hoops3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

They are exclusive to the Xbox360 and not the PS3.
That's why they call it exclusive to the Xbox360.

Edit: I get a disagree for stating fact. LOL
You have to love this site.

Side note:

The majority of posters on this site do not evn HAVE a gaming PC TO claim it's multi-platform LOL

Seraphemz3291d ago

What do you base that comment on? How do you know how many people have pcs?

PlayerX3291d ago

MLB 10: The Show isn't exclusive. It's on the PS2. I sense hypocrisy.

divideby03291d ago

Clearly if they dont count the 360/PC games it would just kill the amount of games which are REAL 360 exclusives...
we all know by now exclusives on the 360 include games on the PC and timed exclusives which wind up on the PS3.. just look at the list and see the truth

alb18993291d ago

Because they are talking about consoles maybe.

baodeus3290d ago

True, it is also on the PC.

However though, games like Fable 3 for example, if you buy it for PC, you still supporting MS correct? Does it matter to MS if you buying their games anyways?

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buffig3291d ago

They've picked 5 games for the PS3 which gives an average score of 86%, but if they'd used Modnation instead of MAG, the PS3 would've beaten the Xbox 360 by 0.2% with an overall average of 87.2%...wonder why they didnt do that?

Newtype3291d ago

Wow, they are undercutting again. Not even mentioning NiS America's games either.

Shadowolf3291d ago

@ buffig
I do understand your concern - we used titles that are the most recognized games for their respective platform and by far MAG has received more player attention and consistent updates from Zipper over all the games on our list including ModNation Racers, but there is no denying the sheer amount of fun with ModNation Racers.

fucadastates3291d ago

but if the game is based on the current industry reviews taken from Metacritic, better.. then it i would use it, when comparing.. at this point, i will make this site as shit

AAACE53291d ago

It's strange, but... I don't ever remember hearing of a reward for having the most highly rated games on either system... is it something new? What do you win beside pointless bragging rights that only fanboys care about?

Free game I hope!

Biggest3291d ago

You seem to know about the rewards for Kinect outselling Move or Xbox 360 selling better than PS3 or multiplatform games having 1 extra FPS on the 360 as opposed to the PS3. I find it strange that you forgot about the rewards you're supposed to receive. Better get them before they stop giving them out!

P_Bomb3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

They're definitely being weird about it. Mod Nation Racers outperformed several 360 AND PS3 games on that list in either sales, ratings or aftermarket support. Anyone trying to tell me MLB10 the Show or Alan Wake are more popular needs to check and then re-check their sources. Mod Nation even has TWO public spaces on HOME. How would we NOT notice?

Sorry but that's BS. ModNation has more DLC, it's own category in the PS Store, has a PSP sidekick, weekly updates, developer made charachters from OTHER games like Ratchet, Drake, Kratos, Sackboy, Sly Cooper etc, HOME spaces. MAG has none of those. I appreciate you're trying to defend your article...but asking gamers to turn a blind eye to all that is asking us to be stupid. The truth is out there. From YESTERDAY

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CrawFail3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Is no one going to pick up on the spelling error in the title?

I can't add reports because I don't submit news.

Nineball21123291d ago

Just noticed it when I read your comment. Thanks... I reported it for you.

Shadowolf3291d ago

Thanks for pointing that out :-)

graciousd3291d ago

that the consumer is the winner in this console war.

Shadowolf3291d ago

At the end of the day the consumer is the winner, absolutely!

hoops3291d ago

Obviously some on this site think otherwise as you got disagrees.
Goes to show you SOME people want only ONE system in the marketplace and NO competition.
Fanboys all need to be shot with a high Caliber weapon

el zorro3291d ago

kratoselite and Shadowolf made great comments that are absolutely true, but they get a bunch of disagrees. The fanatics on this site are just pathetic.

Long live gaming! Long live good games on any platform! Down with brand loyalty and the primitive tribalism that feeds it! Down with fanboyism!