Why Street Fighter IV is a good game.

"Fighters have always been respected because of the idea of mind-games and applicable knowledge, but their biggest issue is their inaccessibility due to their ridiculous requirements in execution. I'm glad Street Fighter IV gave gamers with ideas the ability to express them, rather than having that darned barrier of "you need hundreds of hours of practice to perfect that combo/technique"." - Izuna

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scar203293d ago

Because i'm a fan of street fighter lol.

Tuxedo_Mask3293d ago

I like Street Fighter, but Street Fighter IV being accessible to everyone? Maybe offline, maybe I just lost my touch or left a small pond where I could beat anyone in Street Fighter 2 with Chun-Li in the arcades, even the guy who was "a master at Guile", but I still don't have the trophies for winning the online matches required and I've pretty much given up on it now. Sure you can still have fun in Street Fighter IV no matter how good you are, but don't expect on getting all the trophies/achievements unless you spend "hundreds of hours of practice to perfect that combo/technique". It has the same level of appeal that Street Fighter 2 had, and that's why it's successful, both novices and pros can have fun playing it.

PrettyinPurple3293d ago

I agree with you there, but the achievements/trophies like the trials or winning 300 matches online is hardly fair to judge the game on. If III'd Strike, or even Street Fighter II, had requirements like that, only the pros would have them.

Super IV is a lot easier, but yeah, being accessible to everyone is an offline/arcade thing.