Death Of Duty:The Respawn Response We All Want To See HHG VS The Industry Volume 3

Respawn is getting prepared to show the world why gamers love them and why Activision may very well miss this great group of talented game developers.

EA and Activision has been consistently battling for the #1 spot as biggest and best publisher in the games industry, similiar to Microsoft and Sony battling for the best console manufacturers of this generation.

The battle is on and competition is coming stay tuned for 2011 and beyond because now not only the War but the Revenge is upon the industry

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3293d ago
trainsinrdr3293d ago

i hope that ea and activision both perish in their own war of pride so the anual release bullshit will finally end and it will also let the more talented developers go more mainstream

egm_hiphopgamer3292d ago

2011 there will be some serious competition and overall improvement in what we see in games today RESPAWN

9thGenHero3292d ago

Great video brother, mad insight, great points made about the Call of Duty series. I enjoy the COD just as much as any FPS fan, but unless the series creates big, big innovation, it is going to get stale. I also agree with the idea that the publisher war is just as big as the console war, and big moves are being made behind the scenes, and I'm just waiting for my jaw to drop because considering they are third party publishers, gamers will win in the end.

Respawn will definitely be 'responding' (I'm feelin that) to Call of Duty directly because of their history, and with the insight you put out there HHG, coupled with the fact that EA has Respawn's back, in addition to other EA powerhouses Battlefield and Medal of Honor, it may very well be the 'Death of Duty' (I'm feeling that too LOL). However, that is a one big battle in a bigger WAR. From a publisher's standpoint, EA they also need to consider that Activision has an ace in Bungie up there sleeves. No one (except maybe you HHG LOL) has an idea as to what will be released by Bungie, it may be an FPS, hell it may be an RPG type like Mass Effect, whatever it is, HHG, get that info fire that fans can marinate on, because shit is about to get real in 2011, I'm actually hoping we get some kind of hint at the VGA's this weekend. Keep bringing that fire!