Revolutionary Rant: Pachter "Dead on Arrival"

If the PSP has sold 10s of millions of units worldwide, does that still make it a "dead on arrival" console?

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Quagmire2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Pachters' predictions are "Dead On Arrival"

dbjj120882965d ago

What I don't undestand is how consistently he gets these soap boxes to stand on....

Government Cheese2965d ago

Because his name is marketable... people see his name then have to hear what crazy stuff he has to say this time.

anh_duong2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

"I think the PSP was dead on arrival" - pachter

psp just sold 326,00 consoles last week in just japan

how many years later and it it still selling hundreds of thousands of consoles (in one week)... dead on arrival??!!?

yup.. pachter, the guy who puts the anal into analyst

johnbrown42965d ago

He feeds people with controversial statements, that's enough. And any talk about him rises his popularity, he knows what's good for him.

firefoxprime2964d ago

What I find most amusing, are those couple of people who actually "believe" is predictions. All those 3, 1, or 2 disagrees. Are they just blindly following this guy? Haha.

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TOO PAWNED2965d ago

Guys this is good, this means PSP2 is going to be smashing hit. Since mathematically proven: Pachter saying something = 180 degrees opposite

Shadow Flare2965d ago

Then I hope that he predicts that tomorrow he won't land face first into a bear trap

egidem2965d ago

I think I know how he makes such claims. He drives a truck over a box of doughnuts and every time the doughnuts are squished, he has to lie. Every time the doughnuts are not squished, he tells the truth...unfortunately for him, the doughnuts always get squished.

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TVippy2965d ago

Idiotic senseless article.

dc12965d ago

Actuality, ..GR goes through great lengths to bash Pachted's assessment of the PSP as well as hand held gaming devises.
Check out the article again. Its a good read.

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kungfuian2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Patcher's assumption is the PSP2 will just be more of the same. But it's foolish to think the PSP2 will be modeled after the PSP without consideration for new market trends/conditions.

If Sony's been paying attention, which I'm sure they have been, then they know the touch and it's small ap market is a problem for the traditional hand held sytems. And they also know they will have to compete/offer something similar to the 3DS.

So, Patcher's right, if it's not positioned to take these things on, it will be dead on arrival. But why wouldn't it be?

Here's a thought, how about we see the system first.

GodHandDee2965d ago

Patchy, an idiot on arrival

oh and waiting for December release of GT5 like he said....oh wait

Fatal Blow2965d ago

i want to know from Pachter if the world will end in 2012 cause i know it wont lol

Chucky20032965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

no,it won't in 2012,now its 2016

RememberThe3572965d ago

lol They're just gonna keep pushing it back. Sorry people the world is not coming to an end, we have to keep putting up with this shit storm.

egidem2965d ago

...most of the times I just wonder why this guy exists. First time I heard about "Pachter" I thought it was like a software thing that "patches" or fixes things up. I wish he was a "Patcher" instead...After reading all about his revs, bold claims and overconfident this and that, I think this guy was "Rotten on Arrival".

"Sony said the game was coming out before the holidays, and repeated that to me a week ago, so I don’t think it’s slipping. Look for a mid-December launch."....wait what??

Date: December 7th 2010.
Current game in my PS3: Gran Turismo 5.
The verdict? You sir are one blind prick...but you do bring a smile to my face every time your predictions turn out to be nothing but pure shit.

orion4562965d ago

Were you expecting an exact time and date from him? He's not fucking psychic. The game came out before Christmas didn't it? When will you guys realise that pacther isn't some sort of god. You all take him too seriously and then get worked up about him.

egidem2965d ago

A) You need to lighten up.
B) No one takes Pachter seriously.
C) It's a joke so, lighten up (Step A)

orion4562965d ago

Sorry, my bad.
It actually didn't sound like you were joking, or maybe it's just me. But people do take Pachter too seriously, otherwise they wouldn't be moaning about him constantly, like the guy who wrote this article. It really pisses me off seeing articles almost everyday like "Pachter: *insert out off context quote from bonus round*" or "Why Pachter is an idiot". I mean he doesn't get payed to make predictions, he just does it for fun when he's on Bonus Round, y'know like the other guests.
Phew rant over. Again just thought I'd apologize for my previous outburst at you earlier, you don't see many people doing that here.

RIP_Weazel2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

..the guy's just fuc*ing clown shoes, BUT...
..he's annoying clown shoes.
That's why he gets on peoples nerves.

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