AusGamer: Splatterhouse Review

AusGamer: "Splatterhouse is one of the most buggy and incomplete games I’ve played in a while (and I’ve played plenty of Fallout: New Vegas), but for some reason it’s awesome. It’s interesting that in this day and age of crisp visuals, powerful technology, countless platform offerings and myriad genres, Splatterhouse can come along and do absolutely nothing original, be buggy as hell and even mess up attempts at side-scrolling nostalgia, yet still be awesome."

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BeOneWithTheGun3293d ago

IT sucks but I have just outgrown the Hack n Slash genre. As much as I loved God of War I played it for the visuals and the sheer scale of the battles. Button mashing, for me, has grown cumbersome and I do not have the patience to master circle, square, square, triangle, circle, circle....but, I digress.

With the advancement in overall in-depth character customization, weapons, stealth and whatnot, I just cannot run through a game hacking. I even quit Castlevania after a few hours because I just got bored.

It's funny how games of yore that kept me up for hours and hours and even sent me to school (at the time) on no sleep, now, put me to sleep.

Give me a sniper rifle, open world, a few vehicles and tons of NPCs over hacking any day. To each their own, though.