Is the Xbox 360 Missing Out on the MMO?

As Blizzard mobilizes to release yet another expansion for their juggernaut MMORPG World of Warcraft this week, one can’t help but be reminded that for all the things an Xbox 360 is capable of, both online and off, that it still lacks a massive multiplayer environment that has a degree of persistence to it.

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imvix3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Need a keyboard and mouse to do MMOs properly. I just dont think most console gamers are ready for that. Also the fact MMOs need constant updates, currently since PC is an openplatform Blizzard may update at anytime they wish. With a console they would have to run behind the console maker all the time since all updates must be validated. Not to mention Xbox gamers already pay ISP, then Microsoft next they would have to pay to play for the MMO.

BeOneWithTheGun3295d ago

I respectfully disagree with that first part. If controller mapping is done correctly MMO is possible. Also, not every console is ignorant to PC gaming. The PS3 has the ability to utilize a m/k and I for one, would be all over it if they had a good game come to the consoles. In other words, if the Elder Scrolls rumors are true, I would buy it day one for my Playstation.

imvix3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

You ever played a game like Wow, It would be unplayable on controlpad, just too many spells etc. The game would have to severely dumped down to work on control pad. If you havent played Wow i suggest you try a 10day trial, i am sure your opinion would change once you play it. Nearly every class has over a 100 spells and you need fast reflexes to execute all those spells on given targets in a timely manner.

Also i would like to point out, voice communication is not everything sometimes people like to use keyboard for chatting in an MMO. Imagine being on a raid with 40 people, its mostly only the raid leaders that talk other users communicate via keyboard chatting.

fight4love3295d ago

no. theres a high chance dc universe will fail. ff14 already failed unless they make some big changes.