Which is better: Short or long video games?

SlashGear - When it comes to video games, every player is different. Some gamers enjoy sitting down on the couch for hours and playing through an adventure game that might take weeks to complete. And each and every time, they complete it.

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scar202965d ago

Long video games by a longshot.

BeOneWithTheGun2965d ago

Agreed. Let's see, give me a 25+ hour game that allows for exploration, tons of combat and travel and the ability to revisit it for weeks on end before the final credit roll or a game that I can beat between breakfast and lunch on a Saturday.


-Alpha2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

The issue though is that long games can and do drag out. Sometimes you lose complete interest, you get lost in the story, there are too many sidequests that you must do/the game makes you do all these tedious things and it all detracts from the main experience etc.

You could just as well spend the same hours in a short game as you do in a long game as a result.

For example, I thought I would play Dragon Age forever but got bored/lost too easily for me to care anymore.

I prefer both but they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Short stories tend to be more condensed and keeps players engaged but of course, they are short and lack replayability for the most part.

It's all about how the devs work the game's story, gameplay, etc into the timeframe

I love my RPGs and my condensed/adrenaline rushed shooters.

mikeslemonade2965d ago

I think the main difference is shorter games tend to be more polished than a longer game. Longer games have deeper gameplay mechanics.

Dysmorphic2965d ago

To add to Alpha-Male's post:

Imagine if all games were 25+ hours in length. You wouldn't be able to finish them all! Sometimes it's nice to have that bite-sized chunk instead of a full course dinner.

LORD-PHOENIX2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

when the actual article doesnt mention killzone but does cod and medal of honour

whoever submitted the article must have believed they would get more hits by doing this...sad person.. use relevant pictures for gods sake

darthv722965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

If it is an RPG or action/adventure then I would prefer long-ish.

A space shooter (shmup) is a nice length of 6 or so levels. That is ok to be short.

Racing games and sports games really have no determined length because they generally lack any sense of goal. By that I am meaning you are not out to save a princess or save the galaxy. You just play the fields to get better to beat the other guy.

Same with racing. You hone your driving skills to take on the other guy. the end. Long or short really depends on the type of game.

edit: I forgot FPS...that one I could take either way so long as the end result is satisfaction. There have been some short FPS games that are satisfying just as there are some that were long and unfulfilling.

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MariaHelFutura2965d ago

SOTC is one of the best games ever made and it can be beaten in 4-5 hours speeding thru it.

Good games are good games.

BeOneWithTheGun2965d ago

Very good point, Maria. That is one exception. Bubbles.

alphakennybody2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Not really, it depends on the overall experience. Like for example GOW3 and FF13, GOW3 was short but it was very satisfying experience from the beginning to end. FF13 on the other hands was long and felt like a chore to play in many occasions.

jc485732965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

masturbation can be short and satisfying, but sex gives you a longer and better experience.

BeOneWithTheGun2965d ago

Well, to be fair...God of War on hard mode and not just "blowing" through it is not a short game. To me, I consider a short game 4-5 hours. GoW on hard mode with exploring and getting all collectibles took me twice that.

IneedWeed2965d ago

FF XIII was short? I played 10+ hours and got bored, heard it was 35+ hours.

Short games can be better at times. GOW3 for me on titan and took 9 hours, pretty short for a 40GB, compare that to FF XIII 30+ hours so, it shows that GOW3 is 5x better than FF XIII at the least.

visualb2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

BeOne -

I played through GOWIII at least twice

Once on medium just to soak in the cinematic feel / the story / the epicness

another on hard to actually get the challenge / focus on combo's / get collectibles

a game like GOWIII easily warrants 2 play throughs:

One for the "narrative" story, one for the actual game. I enjoy the narrative on normal mode to keep things simple (if its a fun game)

I did the same with Uncharted 2. I usually start games on Hard, but in order not to turn it into a grind, I played it or normal to make the story streamlined without interruptions, then again as an actually challenge =)

adds loads of replay ability to a game, and it feels great too!

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showtimefolks2965d ago

castelvania LOS is over 20hrs

but that is why the game suffers in many way the devs wanted the game to be long that was one of their selling points. It had few issues and that is why the game is about 84 in overall rating

but let's say the game was about 12-15hrs long but they had more time to test the game out and more polish time that game could have easiley been a 95 overall

not saying the game was bad i bought it when it came out and liked it but saying THIS GEN WHEN A GAME GETS OVER A 9 IT SELLS MUCH BETTER

i don't look at reviews and make up my mind but many younger gamers do and so some good game suffer because of that

showtimefolks2965d ago

but a lenght of the game doesn't decide if the game is good or not if its over 8hrs but the attention has gone into the right place chances are it will be good

too many times we as gamers just look at the lenght and say oh not worth it

bayonetta is about 8hrs yet darksiders is about 12-15 but bayonetta is a much much better game

god of war 3 is about 8-10 hrs but darksiders is 12-15 yet GOW3 is much better

not trying to hate on any game just trying to make a point long games doesn't mean better games

wsoutlaw872965d ago

i dont really understand why anyone would want a game shorter. If you loved a game for 6 hours like moh wouldn't you want to keep playing new levels especially for the same price. And there is nothing making you finish a game if you get sick of it. If the game is good then there is no reason to want less of it.

TVippy2965d ago

Short games for sure.

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Quagmire2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

A film like Inception is viewed in 2-3 hours, whereas a game like Uncharted is played in 8-12 hours.

Yet, they both offer the same amount of satisfaction.

Its not a matter of how long a game is, but how that time is used.

BeOneWithTheGun2965d ago

Still, if Uncharted was a 4 hour game I would still feel short changed. It's one thing to charge half price for a short game but 60 bones is 60 bones. If you don't gamefly it's an investment when you purchase a game. Most games don't have a lot of replayability.

muzzy2965d ago

I get more satisfaction from video games because they're interactive. No film can give me the feeling of being in control like Heavy Rain did.

Yet, don't get me wrong. Inception is incredible. The winter action part made me laugh in reminiscence of shooters.

OhReginald2965d ago

its either short and sweet, or long and boring nowadays...

GodHandDee2965d ago

Good games

A short good game is better than a long bad one, a long good one is better than everything else. Quality comes first imo

pr0digyZA2965d ago

The best are probably the games that let you choose. Like Stalker, you can complete the game in 6-10 hours, but if you choose to do small side missions then it can become a lengthy experience. I think that's why I like RPGs because they give you so much choice.

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