Be the best... at Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

OXM UK: "Need a little help in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood? Fear not, we've hung around enough dark alleyways to learn a thing or two about being an assassin.

1. Flags and Feathers
Don't spend hours hoofing round Rome looking for all 101 Borgia Flags and all 10 Feathers. Finish the game and you can buy maps with locations for all the collectibles. Now you can gather them with the minimum of fuss."

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showtimefolks3286d ago

everyone told me play the 2nd it is so much better yet i had the same boring time its a great series for many but i just can't get into it

i was surprised how much content they were able to put into BH in so short period but i also don't like the fact that ubi would like to get a AC game out every year

unless ubi can get 2 studios to work on AC games at the same time like activision has with COD series that way each dev will have 2 years in between their games otherwise this series will loose its selling points to gamers

also ubi has so many IPs how about making some sequels and ontime sequels

i am alive
beyond good and evil 2(buy the HD for 1st to show them we want teh 2nd)
rainbow six
a good Splinter cell game
prince of persia like we knew back in ps2 days
rayman like we knew in PS1 days
furure soldier looks great

this gen if a game is selling that's all teh dev want just that game last gen it was about money but not liek this atleast we had many new IPs

but what the hell am i crying about many of the games i will buy in 2011 will be sequels lol