OXM UK: Our E3 2011 predictions

OXM UK: "Sure, E3 may be six months away, but it's always interesting to take some time and think about what you'd like to see announced at the industry's biggest gaming event.

With the Spike VGAs (which should hold at least a few surprises), CES and GDC sitting between now and E3's June showing, consider the following a list of things we're predicting to be announced by the end of E3 next year."

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TurismoGTR2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

7) Final Fantasy Versus XIII - HAHAHAHAHAHAH .. NOPE

Cyrus3652969d ago

I wouldn't be so sure, no incentive for Square to release it on just PS3. I mean it's been so long in development, what's delaying it for another year to get 360 version up to snuff. As long as they don't make the kind of compromise they did with FF XIII.

Dragun6192969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Well, Will see at SE's Final Fantasy XIII event in January whether Versus will remain a PS3 Exclusive or not. I just want the game already.

Cyrus3652969d ago

Agreed, I guess then we'll find out, but maybe they hold back that kind of announcement cause MS like to have surprises.

If they announce a release date by the end of that year, that will be telling though.

stonecold32969d ago

maybe uncharted 3 even footage of the getaway 3 and 8 days maybe sony may show some info about eyeidentify and vs 13 will still be a ps3 exclusive

Cyrus3652969d ago

I think this article was talking about the prespective from microsoft camp.