FIFA 08's Seven Changes Since 07: Teams, Online, Graphics & More

1UP's not going to crown FIFA 08 just yet, but after spending more hands-on time with it than David Beckham's spent on-field for the LA Galaxy, prospects look good. After a dozen games, they decided to look back at last year's review of FIFA 07, just to see what the developers didn't fix. After all, FIFA tends to dupe the U.S. press with its glamour every year, but ends up being a 10-game experience before you toss the controller and just turn the game on to listen to the soundtrack.

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vaan5629d ago

I read a side by side comparison on another site that said the in game engine in FIFA just is not as fast and smooth as PES.
PES can keep up with you in decisions and flow, FIFA cannot.
I know what I'm getting.

gololo5629d ago

I agree with you
PS Love that Death Note Image

rev205629d ago

I cant believe people actually still buy fifa.

Obviously having the full licenses saves EA in nearly all their sports games that has to be one of the main reasons anybody buys fifa the other being they have always played it and dont want to change.

Because gameplay wise i cant see a single reason why fifa is better the pes, do you still have to use the gay analogue sticks on the new iterations of fifa as i havent played them for a while that sucks real bad.

I think this statement saids it all.

It's tough to get a yellow, and a red comes only if you tackle from behind when it's a one-on-the-goalie situation.

Well thats well realistic :\

alfredoggy5629d ago

I cannot wait until this comes out. I'll also pick up PES.