Top Ten Plot Twists of 2010

GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: Last year I wrote a piece that ranked the top most shocking plot moments in games for the year of 2009. Not only am I bringing the list back this year to begin an annual tradition here on GamerNode, but I am expanding the list from five to ten. There were quite a lot of suprising twists in some of the hottest games from January until now. There were even a couple that weren't from what the majority of gamers would call "Game of the Year level titles". Being one who loves a good story and loves a great surprise even more, I've ranked those that I feel were the most fitting and really caught you off guard.

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Quagmire3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )



I shat my pants when I found out who the O.K was. (Heavy Rain)

ChickenOfTheCaveMan3280d ago

Yeah, I have to erase my last 5 minutes' memory because of the text on Heavy Rain and AC:B.