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Nitrowolf23287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

(being reported by users)Theres a new setting for damage located under "My lounge"
"None" "Light" "Heavy" are the options

Krypto3287d ago

I can't imagine how much support will be given into this DLC or not I'll be getting them all! I just love this game...and so does my 3 and 4 yr old son. I hope my wife gets us the wheel for christmas!!

SasanovaS19873287d ago

now, all these lame ass reviewers need to go back and adjust their scores...sorry excuse for gamers...bunch of sorry journalists

despair3287d ago

PD and sony said all support and DLC will be free, just like Prologue, if it holds true we'll see but I tend to trust them on it this time.

Rageanitus3287d ago

The lame ass reviews will not go away... simply because alot of ppl expected GT to be a simple pick up game (aracdish style).

Sorry this is no Forza.... some ppl really think simulation style games only require you to skid out a little easier vs gamse like ridge racer.

If you notice that all GT games feel slower paced vs arcade games.... Hell real life driving feels even slow at 160 km/h but the problem is stopping ahead of time ;) or take maneuvers appropriatly before coming to a turn.

SasanovaS19873287d ago

most pathetic hypicritical thing of all tho, all these fanboys and journalists(too sorry to call them gamers) that complained about damage this, damage that, will most likely have the damage off when they realize just how much it effects the race...foam over it now, u basterds

Nitrowolf23287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

That's the thing, this is something i am really enjoying a lot but i totally see reviewers taking points off if it was in the final game.

Now for the next update that allows me to back up my gamesaves.

So is this the same thing as when you reach level 40?

Blaze9293287d ago

Why would you go and update a review score because of an update? You don't review the update, you review the final build of the game those without an Internet connection are forced to play.

Sure updates bring and fix a lot of things but like I said, for those consumers who are 100% offline when it comes to gaming and buy that game at retail, they're stuck like that unless they find a way to get online and update.

You don't adjust scores/reviews for updates. How stupid

3287d ago
Nitrowolf23287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Sorry guys
i am gonna have to agree
No game needs to be re-reviewed because patches came out. Like some have said they reviewed the final game code and that is suppose to represent the final product. I respect that PD is adding more and more stuff, but like i said it was their final decision to ship the game as it was before. Not everyone can experience these patches either, so the review that they have now is what they will keep considering that how the game is when you buy it. Most bad reviews i have to say are nitpicking the little things and were expecting like some one above me said a "drive" and "go" game like NFS or something.

@Sasanovas Below
"its a disappointment to people that never played GT in the first place. because they expected need for speed or some bull"

that part right there is the issue. Even if they did play GT before most were expecting something like NFS. Its a shame really because for some reason they felt that PD made the game seem like that when in fact most fans knew that it would be most likely the same GT like always with better physic and more realism. Honestly there is stuff in there that surprised me cause i didn't even know it was going to be in the game.


"for a new buyer, the review is false."

the thing is
say i have no online connection
i read a review that was about 5 month after GT5 (this being a redone)
the review tells me there are 1,500 cars (dlc) with 600 Premuims, Full damage, nonblocky shadow mentioned, and a mode (new one added dlc)

i play the game and i see none of that

who's lying then?

SasanovaS19873287d ago

as a matter fact, yes. they should. because its a different game then what it was, and for a new buyer, the review is false. either way, all im sayin is, they got what they wanted, and more is to come. to say the game is a disappointment is just false. its a disappointment to people that never played GT in the first place. because they expected need for speed or some bull

-Alpha3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

How can you act as if people don't have a right to be disappointed?

Are you really saying that people who were genuinely disappointed are wrong to feel that way?

The game shouldn't be re-reviewed just because of a patch. Sorry, but this is special pleading. This has never been the case for any game and GT isn't going to get special treatment just because you feel it deserves it.

To say people who were disappointed were non-GT fans is just being ignorant of the fact. I know and have read tons of stuff from hardcore GT fans that were disappointed with the game and they have every right to feel that way. I'd think it's insulting to tell them they never played GT before, yet you seem to sweep all people who dare have such criticisms under one rug as if there opinion is somehow inferior.

Stop with the excuses-- just enjoy the game for yourself. Some were disappointed, some loved it, some didn't play it. It's no different from any other game.

Nitrowolf23287d ago



F reviewers, They told me M.A.G. sucked, i played it and was hooked for 5-6 month

There are games out there that had some of the worse launch.

Okay here is the only exception that i would allow any game to be re-reviewed and that is if it was an Online only game, such as M.A.G., FF14, or PC games. Just because they are only online and can't be played offline so it just means that reviewers and people who are buying it still buying the complete finale package since they can't play it without patches.

Maddens Raiders3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

if there were such a thing, I'd put yours down for comment of the year.

edit/ update 3.55 now avail.

nycredude3287d ago

All you guys who are saying why should Gt5 be review or receive special treatment. It already IS being review differently than almost all other games. Look at the nitpicking in so many reviews. I don't know any other game that get marked down so much because of shadows and menu and other nonsense.

Almost all console games and most pc games have poor shadows. Even with these shadows it looks better than 95% of games out now. They act as if every game out now is top notch with great graphics. I mean seriously Enslaved (I know it's different type game) had so many graphics issue but most reveiws pointed them out and proceeded to give it top scores in graphics. I finished the game it looks like ass.

Since when does every game gets reviewed based on how long they take to release? How long did the new starcraft take? Are we going to bash on Halflife episode 3 when/if it ever releases?

How about Gears of War 2 broken/glitchy/laggy online. Did that stop the game from getting top scores? GTA4 anyone?

Game reviews have been going downhill and there is no turning back now. It's a shame.

nix3287d ago

oh... no... i think i'll stick to "None". he heh. i recently payed around 50k of credit just repairing the body and engine.

ChineseDemocracy3287d ago

Time to go crash that $1,000,000 Enzo.

NateCole3287d ago

Would you guys stop yaping about GT5 scores?. Anyone with half a brain knows that the game is AMAZING. It's the best ever GT game and the best ever Racing game par none.

paintsville3287d ago

You've got to be kidding. This game's in development since before the ps3 even released and now it's already getting updates? Oh and I just turned on my PS3HDWii and BANG!! Firmware update required !!!!! PS3HDWii, it only does updates and mandatory installs for games that have been in development for eternity. What a Joke.

Dig_Dug3287d ago

Let me guess, not only are you a little kid, but you don't even own a PS3 do you? So that means you had nothing better to do than troll a website and talk about a game and a system you don't even own. Pathetic.

paintsville3282d ago

@Dig Dug

This from a ps3hdwii fanboy? I mean really. Your user name is Dig_Dug for cryin' out loud ROFL. Maybe they'll release a remake for Dig_Dug and make it an....EXclusive on the the ps3hdwii. It'll only take 5 years to develop, require a 5 gig "Mandatory" install, firmware update, and get immediate title updates on the day it finally releases. ROFL yeah, overpriced blu ray player that can do a pretty good job of copying,,,,you ready for it Dig_Dig,,,,the Wii.

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Nitrowolf23287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

can confirm it's there
looks like just online
"None" Means no damage
"Light" damage is there but it gets repaired over time
"Heavy" Severe damage and won't repair till pit stop, engine damage, wheel damage ect.

TESTED: Holy F Heavy Messes your Steering up
damages my left tire in one run and now the car is having steering issues.

This is Mechenical Damage, i don't think it's more visual
The car begins to shake a lot after first impact (80mph)

Edited: lol can't wait for a full match, this works really well. My criteon Isn't as fast as it was before, it takes a while to hit 60mph compared to no damage.

sdtarm3287d ago

cant wait for the videos to come =)

Crazyglues3287d ago

Yeah this is amazing, we are less then 2 weeks in and we are already getting another update, these guys are Awesome..

This just shows that PD is staying on top of everything and really trying to deliver the best possible experience to it's fans...

I'm already having too much fun on GT5 and Loving every minute of this game, so much so I think I need to get a wheel, because people I play online always have a wheel and they say it's awesome.. PD, you did an amazing job with this game..


Rageanitus3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

IF ppl wanted true damage most ppl would ave dropped the game after an hour of play. A real life collision at 50 km's can stop the car from running and can crush the bumper into the wheel wells

Rainstorm813287d ago

if people want real life they wouldnt play games....

Hedberg3287d ago

Nice to see PD already putting stuff out :) This game is simply the best.

The_Claw3287d ago

sorry but until i gain something for online like credits or experience im sticking to GT Mode. Why not add this option for GT Mode/Arcade Mode as well? Some purists want those features turned on while casual gamers dont. Doesnt make any sense to me.

BYE3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

PD needs to sort their priorities. There are much bigger issues than damage in online matches, but whatever. Still love the game.

DigitalAnalog3287d ago

I must admit, I was very confused with this update. I thought they would bring the visual damage "options" available for everyone to see. Mechanical damage....hmmmm.

I'm going to have to risk it and place it on Heavy so I don't smash into cars and sh*t.

-End of Line

monkpunk13287d ago

sounds good, nice to see the updates coming in and the brilliant support for GT....

Why is cod so far behind??? And why have their updates not arrived?

I am wondering if these updates werd planned much earlier, or was it because this game is a sony game.

Nevertheless, wonderful stuff hit lvl19 at about 3am just got unlocked a lancia delta rally car and with shortened gear ratios my god its fun on the short windy tracks......with traction control and driving aids off of course. Sorry for going on, just cant help it when GT talking.

GenericUserName3287d ago

Lol, you people wanted this game to get full marks and it hadn't shipped with damage? Ha! Now you want re-reviews? So every incomplete game that gets a patch should be reviewed each time a patch drops? Well then, I'm waiting for that ghostbusters re-review then, 1.5 years later

monkpunk13287d ago

go on then i will bite... Seems like you need someone to acknowledge you with all your ranting.

Damage did exist before the indicators just were not as clear, bending chassis and engine wear and the need for regular oil changes still needed to be done. The visible damage model was also there but although sony stated it was there from the start it seemed to me and millions of others that it was more progressive as you leveled up.

Just so you are even more aware millions of people are playing this game and really loving it and all these additions are making the game more solid.

I couldnt care less about a re-review i bought the game without reading a single line of text reviewing the game. Just in case you mention people without internet connections, i have one and thats all that matters to me and with the support sony and pd are giving this title my purchase is the best 40 quid i ever spent on a game.

Behave yourself with the bashing and by the way what game are you enjoying and spending hours on at the moment???

zag3287d ago

people don't want damage they just wanted to see stuff fly off the car but have the car not really effected drive line wise.

GT5 have gone for the driveline damage where you smash into something you'll only do 30kph for the rest of the race.

people won't like the GT5 car damage either way as it's not a case of stuff flying off and the car being all fine other wise.

hiredhelp3286d ago

MUST BE NOTED!! this damage was just to satify some people asking for it. however the major damage comes after you unlock it by reaching evel 20 i beleave.

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scar203287d ago

A good amount of space to pay for such a good game.

PS3ROCKS3287d ago

My ps3 better update the firmware and download this tonight when I'm sleeping. I paid good mony for ps plus.

The_Claw3287d ago

it doesnt. It said it updated to 3.55 but when i got to the xmb i had to install it anyway. didnt even touch the GT5 update...bogus

wsoutlaw873287d ago

ya it needs you signed in to accept the terms before it will install firmware

Ravage273287d ago

there's a new damage indicator at the tire wear section at the bottom left corner of the HUD.

Bloody awesome, i tried it online btw

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