Toronto Thumbs Review: Toy Story 3

Jorge from Toronto Thumbs reviews Toy Story 3.

From the review:

"Woody, Buzz, and the whole gang come alive in this Disney Interactive title developed by Avalanche Software; Toy Story 3 is a larger-than-life action/adventure platformer that does far more than tip its cap at the film of the same name. The game focuses on the story of the toys in their latest adventure: Andy has grown up and is going off to college, leaving the toys to try and get him to play with them just one more time. Of course, things are never that easy, and our intrepid little friends ride a veritable roller-coaster of adventure before the tale reaches its conclusion."

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scar202872d ago

I like this game it's actually fun if you play with other people.

Heart1lly2872d ago

Awesome! Glad you like it.