The Front-Loaded Folly of Game Publishers in 2010

Some people are much more excited about the games coming out at the beginning next year than the ones that came out in the past few months. Do you think it's a problem that publishers are releasing big titles in January or February instead of the traditional holiday period?

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showtimefolks2966d ago

if i am not wrong MGS4 and GTA4 both didn't come out in fall they came out in Q2 almost during or before summer

and both sold well in 2010 after buying RDR i didn't feel the need to buy anything else for a long time till castelvania

in 2011 first 3 monnths are busy than i hope we still get AAA games because everyone delays till fall than

COD comes out and everyone moves into Q1 2012

also i believe we will see a new halo game in 2011 a 3rd person shooter it already leaked in a way

showtimefolks2966d ago

that means about 3 AAA games a month

games like enslaved,vanquish and even castelvania came out in the wrong time

most people will forget about those games by hanuary 2011 and all those games will be in bargin bin besides castelvania maybe

if we spread out enough games throughout the year we won't have dry months


mobijoker2966d ago

Most q4 games of 2010 were pushed back due to fear of sales against mammoth selling titles.But as it stands,there is just too many games in the q1 2011 and there is a strong chance that any decent game will get severe beating.Decent games will fail in q1,you have to be great to stand out in the crowd of games in q1.