"No final PS3 launch plans until mid-September" - Sony UK

Sony UK has insisted it is still at least a month away from finalising PS3 roll-out plans, as official UK distributor CentreSoft confirms it has been testing the water on controversial pre-release initiatives with the retail community in preparation for the November 17th launch.

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Scythesean5383d ago

I sure as hell won't be getting one on the launch day. Look at all the 360's that had problems, and with sony's repair history I don't want to one of the thousands that have to send back a brand new $600 system then have to wait 3 weeks to get a refurbished console. I will be getting one but only after a few months to let everone else find the problems and get a new batch.

Ken Kutaragi5383d ago

Actually our launch plans include giving away free PS3 console because we feel that sales will suffer come launch time. We think MS did a great job thats why they are my idol. I think I will copy Xbox Live and dumb it down for my fans.

SEER5383d ago

I will get a PS3 in March 2007 for my birthday, no need to get into the rush.

TheMART5383d ago

You'll probably get it with your birthday in 2010.

Balance5383d ago

true, there aren't any launch titles that make me have to run out and have. the only game that is ps3 only that looks half way exciting is assassins creed and that doesn't hit until 2007 anyway and there is always the rumour it is coming to the 360.

ukHELLRAzORuk5383d ago

I will never get one!I dont want one, all my friends have 360's and they dont want one either, they say it will be a big flop, I AGGREE. Looks like just my and my HD TV.

NitrogenB5383d ago

not really walmart, it's nobody but you...

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