IGN: Xbox 360 Year In Review 2010

It might appear that this is another typical year on Xbox 360. A handful of top-tier games sold millions of copies, many others struggled, and Xbox Live Arcade produced a few stellar titles. But there has been a very subtle shift leading into the release of Kinect, one that may change the Xbox library moving forward.

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Sonyslave33287d ago

Kinect proved itself to have better games than PlayStation's Move.

Mystogan3287d ago

not yet they are both On par if you mean games specially developed for Move

If games that ''adopted'' Move count then Move clearly has better games

Whoooop3287d ago

Amazing accomplishment...

BlackBusterCritic3287d ago

No games is better than real games?

zeddy3287d ago

all im reading is mass effect 2 and kinect but all multi plat titles on the 360 out sold ones on the ps3 even though sony had more exclusives. so pretty even i'd say.

muDD3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Kinect will change the future of gaming... contoller free technology has so many possibilities.

FunAndGun3287d ago

There are also limitations that go along with those possibilities.

achilles' heel perhaps?

muDD3287d ago

so many dissagees... u sony fanbois are so sad, sick, and weird... how can someone hate a gaming machine that isn't even alive... u guys are weirdos... Once again, this is not about fanboyism, but it is to celebrate new possibilities within our gamming community which utilizes controller free technology. True gamers should be happy about this new tech, who cares which system it came out on.

Motorola3286d ago

Maybe whoever disagreed with you actually DISAGREES. its not all about fanboyism. I dont think controller free games will change gaming at all.. so ready to blame sony arent you?

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Dark3603287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Look, things are great for Xbox 360. Some of 360's best games came out this year and without question this was the best year ever for downloadable content. We saw a few interesting gaming experiments on XBLA, including the moody Limbo. And Kinect proved itself to have better games than PlayStation's Move. Next November marks the 10-year anniversary of Microsoft's entry into the console market and to celebrate, they seem to have an amazing line-up set to go. The big game announcements haven't even begun, but from what I know 2011 should be a killer year. I'm glad to be along for the ride.

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karl3287d ago


"That's Microsoft's grab at a new audience. Though $500 million dollars are being plopped down to market Kinect, the focus of the Xbox 360 console remained on big-budget sequels for most of the year."

" The big game announcements haven't even begun, but from what I know 2011 should be a killer year.

I'm glad to be along for the ride'.

WOOOOOOW... talking about hyperbole ..

its amazing how i can get an idea of the hole article just reading the last few lines

3287d ago
zetsuei13287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It was an "ok" year for 360. Just Reach and Fable III was worth the wait Alan Wake was a huge let down.

But for PS3 and Nintendo Wii it was terrific. 3D dot heroes, MAG, Yakuza 3, GT5, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, The Sly Collection and ModNation Racers made my wallet say "AM CRY" Along with Wii with DKC, SMG 2...

Dante1123287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

@ zetsuei

Didn't sound that way in their Sony review of 2010. They said it lacked exclusive titles ( quote on quote "good exclusives titles" lol) and they crapped on GT5 mid beginning through the rest of the article (low metacritic score). XD I personally think Sony and Microsoft did well this year. Maybe giving the edge to Sony for having the better year (Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Fable 3 really disappointed me and in contrast to what IGN said didn't do too well either...atleast metacritic wise).

zetsuei13287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Well you see, americans and there is no xenophobia here please understand that, tend to prefer Shooters for some odd reason. It's a fact. And that's the reason why we have a new COD every FUCKIN YEAR and pointless shooters during all the year.

If by any chance "the so-called-media" think that they were not satisfied at that genre you my friend as a VP of any gaming company is indeed screwed.And we know that multiplataform games are better on 360 which there is also Halo series to complement. So yeah its not news for me that AMERICAN media didn't think that this year the PS3 did some raping at M$ ass.

It would be a surprise if Eurogamer or Degenki and Famitsu said the same thing that IGN did. Every region has their favorite genre just look at GT5 sales at Europe and compare with USA sales that you will notice what i'm saying.

So you have to look and read with some reserve because IGN just represents the majority (or not)of american gamers and i hate when they say like its a worth/based valid worldwide accepted opinion.

punkpop1013287d ago

If Alan Wake was a hug let down then what gt5 was?And why know ps3 fanboys bring Wii to the table?

silkrevolver3287d ago

... I’m just kind of bored by Microsoft right now. A few good games this year, mixed with too much Kinect exposure and only 1 announced exclusive for next year has me a bit sad on the 360 front... but then again, I’m sure they’ll announce at least a couple more hardcore games by or at E3.

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