Rumor: ZeniMax To Acquire Obsidian Entertainment

In the most recent issue of Official Xbox Magazine (January 2011), the Crystal Ball mentions a company that seems to be in the news a lot lately, ZeniMax Media, who has recently acquired many companies including MachineGames, Arkane Studios, and id Software. These have added on top of their major game development company, Bethesda Game Studios. Well according to OXM, whats the next company that they will be acquiring? Obsidian Entertainment.

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NYC_Gamer3290d ago

expect a lot more buggy games from the bethesda/obsidian combo

Pandamobile3290d ago

I think it has more to do with the engine than the actual developer. Gamebryo is a buggy piece of shit. Everyone knows this.

id said that idTech5 would only be available to developers owned or published by Zenimax, so the next Obsidian game could very well be on idTech5.

NecrumSlavery3290d ago

Obsidian may become the Treyarch to Zeni's Bethesda.

And don't crack on the devs, they do well. Obsidian did great with New Vegas, so don't hate. The Gamebryo engine needs to die. id tech 5 will rectify the piss poor engine with FO4, ESV, Rage, etc

showtimefolks3290d ago

Obsidian Entertainment

how many times are we gonna give them lame excuses

alpha protocol oh sega didn't give us enough time even though that game was delayed 6 months on release date

and its not the engine they should have make sure that FO:NW didn't have all the bugs even FO 3 didn't have that many


time for Obsidian to reaklly put themself as top of the devs list no more excuses and they still have to fix NW

zeddy3290d ago

give us more elder scrolls!


I thought Obsidian was part of ZeniMax already. It would make sense too since they already work them and Bethesda Game Studios. It totally makes sense though. Obsidian and Bethesda are too alike.

GuruStarr783290d ago

I see the similarities, except Bethesda makes their finished products better overall experiences.

smilydude133290d ago

And Obsidian games actually have good writing.

dinkeldinkse3290d ago

In what way? F:NV was a better game than FO3 was in every way except it also was a buggy piece of shit.

pr0digyZA3290d ago

@ dinkeldinkse

F:NV was better but they didn't have to make the engine or use a lot of the assets that were already available. Obsidian does very good expansions to existing games, where as Bethesda makes a new game that's buggy,but still very good. When Obsidian tries that, we get Alpha protocol.

Redlogic3290d ago

Maybe a sequel (aka proper version) of Alpha Protocol on idtech5?

Cajun Chicken3290d ago

I think Splash Damage will be first.

TheBand1t3290d ago

Yes, please do so. Let Obsidian do the Fallout series from now on, and Bethesda can do Elder Scrolls.

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The story is too old to be commented.