Uncharted 3: Features that Would Make it Epic

GameDynamo - "...we here at GameDynamo have decided to concoct a wish list of new and old features we’d like to see in the upcoming Uncharted 3"

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IPUMPMYGUN3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

1. Ability to prone in the game. Make it more tactical.
2. Fix matchmaking.
3. Better host migration.
4. Anti-cheat system.
5. Not be penalized when booting from game (freezing and disconnects).
6. New weapons.
7. More puzzles.
8. Longer story.
9. Minor characters play a bigger part in story.
10. Keep story simple.

Bass_fisherman3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Agree with all except prone.

Why? because that´s something that SOCOM 4 should have not Uncharted 3.

And it does, catch my drift?

BeOneWithTheGun3289d ago

Lol, so more character development from minor characters and a longer story but keep it simple?

Honestly, for me the story is low man on the totem pole. In very few games I actually follow it. I play games to, well, PLAY.

dalibor3289d ago

For me the ability to grab your opponent and then be able to shoot other people while holding your opponent as a shield a la MGS4 would be cool, especially online. That and the ability to shoot an enemies weapon out of there hands for some comical moments for online and story mode.

creatchee3289d ago

The mere existence of Uncharted 3 would make it epic.
Seriously - 2 was the best single player game I've ever played.

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I hope for more smarter AI.

playa86243289d ago

Same, they kind of just recklessly advance with no self-preservation

I really liked how they didnt always know where you are, I hope they keep that. Killzone 2 and Uncharted and splinter cell are the only games I've played where the enemy will actually lose your position once you break the line of site instead of being able to magically sense you through walls

Bathyj3289d ago

I agree, the ability to lose you is a sign of good AI.

Magically aquiring your location just because you have line of sight is a show of bad AI.

Try Farcry the Original on PC, one of my favourite games, simply because you can play it the way you want to. You can distact guards with rocks and hide in bushes and they will lose you.

Silenced MP5 FTW.

johnbrown43289d ago

AI was quite smart in Uncharted 2. I guess you're talking about the fact that you can loose them and hide but that's a good thing. The loosing position while changing cover worked also great. I really personally liked the stealth aspects of U2 (excluding the opening museum).

Quagmire3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )


oh and...

BRING BACK EDDY RAJA...somehow... (maybe a prequel chapter?)

MerkinMax3289d ago

Awww I totally ripped you off and didn't even realize it. Here's a bubble.

Bathyj3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

No Multiplayer unless its co-op through the main story.

More situations for stealth, BUT, stealth should be able to be applied anywhere, or go gung ho if you want to. Having Stealth "sections" like Batman:AA sucks.

And give him a rope which can be used just about anywhere for anything. (Climbing, making a bridge, hanging people, setting traps, which brings me to....)

Traps. Be it simple snare/rope traps, or carefully hidden claymores or remote mines. I want to be sneaky dammit.

Be GotY again.

RedDevils3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I like the multiplayer, that what keep me playing till these day, Co-op I played a couple of time but got real bored at it when I completed it

OT: I want more weapons on both story and Multiplayer mode, death match, treasure or whatever mode there is in online

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