MisterAV4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

for the latest downgrade. I hope this doesn't become like the psp. I want few big updates with new features, not little security patches

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mushroomwig4685d ago

Any firmware update is a good thing, who wouldn't want the system to be more secure?

Be greatfull that Sony even release new features, they're not exactly forced to.

FantasyStar4685d ago

how naive. You should know GT5 was delayed solely because of the hackers.

WhittO4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

Any update is good, but Sony release them far too often and they all have far too little features (the past 1+ year anyway).

Apple releases about 4-5 updates per year, (usually with 1 big update among them) adding USEFUL features people have asked for.
So does MS, except less frequently but still packing alot of additional USEFUL features people WANT.

Sony seem to have given up improving the XMB in any sort of significant way, leaving it to add 1 minor feature per FW update (if even that, many are security updates etc where the user actually doesn't see any difference).

I think when Kaz said last year "This will be the PS3s LAST BIG UPDATE this year", he was probably really meaning last big update for the ps3 ever, in terms of the significance of the update. Since then (over a year ago) there has barely been any good features added at all.

Most if not all FW releases for over a year now have been bare bones.

It feels like Sony has moved all of the people from improving the XMB (like they used to) to somewhere else and there is now like 5 people trying to add features themselves or something lol, and can only try to add the small features that are easy to add and are unable to take on the bigger 1s everyone really wants (which is what we are seeing!).

I mean, look at the updates the PS3 got in the first 2 years to what we get now. The demand for features has not died, there are still many things people want to see changed/added on the XMB/PSN interface but they simply have stopped working on them (so it seems..).

Soldierone4685d ago

I hated it when the PS3 first released and we had to update like every week. Was the most annoying thing in the world.

@Whitto, Apply also released a "new model" with slightly any improvements every so many months. I don't think Sony fans would be happy if they followed that business model....

Best4685d ago

I still can NOT believe we don't have cross game chat like the competitor does.

WhittO4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

@Soldier one I'm not talking about hardware (which isn't released every few months but more like 12!)

Anyway.. what I'm saying is, alot of these companies seem to put alot of effort and resources into bettering their current OS's and give their customers the added functionality they are asking for.

Only using Apple as an example,the same with MS and google with Android etc, they all seem to be putting more resources into improving their OS and Sony seems to have almost noone working on it.

Also off topic - at least Apple works on features that are mostly usable by previous models (I have 3GS and iOS4 works perfectly for me, I get multi-tasking/folders/spell check etc in free updates, so they may bring out new models but they do support their previous models with many updates (for atleast a few years which is more than you can say for almost all of the other mobile phone manufacturers!!..)

But that's not the point anyway, it is just disappointing Sony seems to have given up on improving the XMB in any significant way and seems to have left it.

velaxun4685d ago

Does the XMB really need to be improved that much? Personally I find it easier to find things and much quicker than the dashboard (mind you I prefered the old blades system to the new one). I really can't think of anything the XMB needs to be improved on. Maybe loading icons a little quicker in game but that's it. And I don't give a flying duck about Cross game voice chat, in my opinion it's a useless feature. Why would I want to talk to people in a different game than I'm playing? And if I'm playing a single player game I don't want to be talking to anyone. Just my opinion though

WhittO4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

Also, @ Disagrees, I don't know what you are disagreeing about, there is no way you can argue that the support Sony has given the PS3 this past year (and even the year before that) is even comparable against the first 2 years the PS3 was out.

They added soo many things people wanted (background downloading, in-game xmb, wallpapers, dynamic wallpapers, themes, new designed PSN store, DLNA support, Divx Support, Trophies, extended friends lists etc). ALL in the first 2 years.

You can't tell me they have already added everything because just take a look at this page: http://share.blog.us.playst...

People WANT these features and Sony is just not supporting them.

Don't go blaming Apple for bringing out new products every year, when atleast they work to improve and support them, actually expanding on what their OS is capable of that isn't JUST a patch.
How can you blast Apple when Sony has clearly reduced it's support in improving the XMB in any significant way after the first 2-3 years it was out, and that is the ONLY product they have out, they should be making that 1 product as amazing as they can.

WhittO4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

@velaxun I understand the XMB is great, but there are so many features I would like (and many others) and if you look at this page: http://share.blog.us.playst... you will see them.

The list could go on for me but many changes I want are minor and could be added easily if they actually had people working on it.

For example: Being able to organise multiple files into a folder e.g by ticking them etc, instead of having to go into EVERY SINGLE files properties and change the name of the "album". That would not be hard to add if they actually had people working on the XMB.

Since you can do this when compromising a playlist, why not add this functionality to adding files to folders?

Or another small change would be to assign an image to be the folder thumbnail, again not hard to implement.

Or even the option to play a sound when receiving a message?

Or when using in-game XMB and reading a message, having an option to go straight to the next message would be great, instead of pressing back (which reloads the entire friends list) and then having to go through the (slow) menus again to read the next message, and again!!

ALL of these things seem like little details, we are not talking cross-game chat or new designed gamer cards or no install for games etc (which are also needed/wanted). We are talking changes that, if Sony actually had any people working to improve the XMB in any way would be added.
Or we would atleast be seeing other features they have been working on.

Look at the number of features MS added, they may only update once per year but when they do, you can see they have been working to add MANY features in that time (even if they are not all what people want).

But we havent seen any, because Sony has dropped most of it's support for XMB/PSN and on improving it.

-------->> One last edit to end the rant, can anyone prove me wrong? because the only way I can see people disagreeing with what I said is if they believe the XMB/PSN has had any good significant improvements over the past year that has added a number of usefull features people have wanted, that can be compared to the update of XBLA, or iOS 4.0, or Android 2.3 (gingerbread) which have companies supporting and improving their products/OS.
And I'm not talking 3D (which about 2% of PS3 owners can use.. I am talking FEATURES and GUI Improvements that are not a video editor that barely edits anything, or ANOTHER photo album viewer that NOBODY will EVERY use or nobody asked for!

RedDevils4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

@Best cross game chat is the lames feature, beside if you want cross game chat so bad then buy a 360, since it warming my feet atm cause it fucking freezing today :P

Redempteur4684d ago


here is what you're saying :
"look sony added all those features .. that was great BUT I WANT MORE ...NOW.
It doesn't matter if they improved the xmb A LOT since the first version i just want more featureseven if somes tales times to implement"

no wonder people are disagreeing with you

jerethdagryphon4684d ago

the people who complain about haing to update once every few month big deal its like 5 minites max to do these little updates make a sandwich or a cub of tea while its doing it.

id rather a secure system then an insecure one

WhittO4684d ago (Edited 4684d ago )


No. What I am saying is Sony has dropped most of it's support for PS3 in developing new features etc, when compared to the first couple of years.

You obviously havent read what I have said, when have I said " I WANT THESE FEATURES..NOW!!"?
Well, the truth is I have waited for many of these simple add-ons/changes for over 2 years (not talking about the big ones like Cross-Game Chat), some since the ps3 launched, so you can't deny people have waited long enough.

You act like the ps3 has just launched and we should give Sony time, that is what I thought, 2 years later and there are still barely any new worthy features...because Sony is no longer working on any.

I can guarantee you now, there will never be a big FW update for PS3 now, that is comparable to anything we got in the first 2 years (in terms of features/improvements added).

Yes Sony has added alot, and that is great, but why stop? Just because they have added many features in the first 2 years does not excuse them from basically dropping most of their support.

It is the same story with the PSP, loads of new features first few years, almost nothing in the later years it has been out.

Redempteur4684d ago

look at what i said in cappslock .. and look at what you wrote ... yes the same thing in differents words ... so yeah i think i've read what you've said

nickjkl4684d ago (Edited 4684d ago )

whitto did you look at the front page and say omg sony does nothing you have started my rage rant meter








and then you say sony ddnt add features to the ps3 all year well look what they added over the year you cant say things that dont affect you as non existent

bluray 3d movies and games
gief reports
recommended products
photo gallery (added a different photo gallery on the psn that allows you to view 3d pictures)
video editor and uploader
added options for viewing photos

and numerous other minor options for video quality as well as increasing quality of media downloaded off the psn

Duckman334684d ago (Edited 4684d ago )

"So does MS, except less frequently but still packing alot of additional USEFUL features people WANT."

Since when? I work as an IT consultant and I can assure you MS patches EVERY Tuesday, and those patches certainly do NOT include any USEFUL features that I want. They are mostly <drum roll please> Security Updates!! Imagine that!! MS rarely patches their OSes with features people want.

Unless of course you are talking about the 360, then I could care less because I don't own one.

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outwar60104685d ago

yh im pretty sire sony said at several points that they were going to do fewer updates that bring wanted featues

HolyOrangeCows4685d ago

Wow....the lion's share of the ps3-hating trolls have arrived to show their "support"

Ducky4685d ago

Who exactly?
Most of them actually have made pro-ps3 comments in other topics, and their comments here, although I don't necessarily agree with, are at-least justified with reasons.

Matthew944685d ago

what? sony barely updates the ps3 and people are angry what do you expect?

HolyOrangeCows4685d ago (Edited 4684d ago )

"Who exactly?"
I don't expect trolls to detect trolls of their own kind. Not in admittance.

"Most of them actually have made pro-ps3 comments in other topics"
Don't lie, pal. You're not fooling anyone.

Ducky4684d ago (Edited 4684d ago )

I don't have to lie. Check their comment history.
Or you know, just keep calling anyone with a different opinion as a troll.
I didn't expect any reasoning behind your accusations anyways.

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SCThor4685d ago


Basically what the video show is that there's a way to use jailbreak with firmware 3.5.

The firmware update is the answer from Sony, but for how long they will expend resources to stay ahead of hackers?

paintsville4684d ago

Yet another FORCED update that offers nothing but bricked ps3s

crzyjackbauer4684d ago

Yet another update
every time i boot up my ps3 bang UPDATE
i just use it for bluray now

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TheColbertinator4685d ago

Lame.Where the hell is Cross Game Chat?

Bass_fisherman4685d ago

*cough* you know where... *cough*

shoddy4685d ago

Yall don't deserve to have the ps3.