Titan Reviews: GOTY 2010 Nominees

Titan Reviews nominees list. Take a look and take a vote.

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etownone3293d ago

I luv my halo Reach but "best graphics" ... no way!!

best graphics... (hate to admit it) probably have to go to one of Sony's exclusives this year. I'm thinking God of War 3


TheFreak3293d ago

LOL hate to admit it.

GOTY: God of War 3
best 360 game: Mass Effect 2
best ps3 game: God of War 3
best multiplat game: Red Dead Redemption
best graphics: God of War 3
best story: Mass Effect 2
best multiplayer game: Battlefield Bad Company 2
best character:Ezio Auditore

BeOneWithTheGun3293d ago

Pretty much nailed that list, bro. Bubbles.

Op243293d ago

I think the best story is really going to be tight between red dead and mass effect. Well have to see..

TheFreak3291d ago

thanks man here is one for you too

Hockeydud193291d ago

how can you hate to admit God of War 3 has the best graphics lol

etownone3291d ago

Umm .... Isnt it obvious? I only have a 360.

I was hoping games like Metro, Reach or Alam Wake would have lived up hype in the graphics dept .

scar203293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Best multiplatform game black ops...pfff yea right my choice goes to red dead redemption.

rbluetank3293d ago

the best mp goes to MAG. it has contant updates/modes to enhance the MP experience. 256 says it all when you say MP. i have played all the MP nominees. MAG has the best Team MP structure. the best 360 game is ME. i got it at Kmart for $10 on blk friday... ME is a contender for GOTY. the game is really good!!!

Op243293d ago

Mags good, but it just dosen't live up to the standards everyone was hoping for. Not sure how much 2.0 changed the gameplay.

Op243293d ago

I will laugh till I cry if Black Ops dosen't get any awards at the vgas

rbluetank3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

the main reason MAG does not live up to everyone standards. Is... nobody has ever put together a mp experience of 256 on a " gaming console" "MAG has the best Team MP structure". Blk mp is broken on ps3. the only team mp structure in blk ops is spam helio/spy planes/dogs.. and BFc2 most players are lone wolf.... nobody will run through gun fire to pick you up like MAG. MAG is just my choice.....

Hockeydud193291d ago

Hopefully MAG 2 is amazing

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