PlayStation Buttons Found in Android 2.3 SDK

Android Community: Now as people have been tearing apart the SDK they have seem to have found support for PlayStation buttons.

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pork_chop_express3295d ago

Now that is very interesting because thats probably to do with them doing legal emulation of ps1 games.

They should do somekind of touchsetup for mini support and offer minis across all android devices.

Kors3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

imo, this has more to do with the upcoming Sony Ericsson's Android-powered Zeus Z1 (PlayStation Phone).

ikkokucrisis3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Hellz yea, because I'm getting the Game Gripper for my Epic 4G in the mail shortly!

Bring on all the PSP games!

pork_chop_express3294d ago

this is a general sdk, and its not psp buttons its L1L2R1R2.

i know the sony phone is coming just reckon there will b a bit more to it.

AAACE53294d ago

Wouldn't it be crazy if that was the next evolution in gaming? Every Android phone would have Psp capabilities, Windows 7 phones, and Iphones would get more into gaming and force Nintendo to come up with a DS phone!

duplissi3294d ago


whats with sony and google being so buddy buddy lately?

jwk943294d ago

Would it be beneficial if google bought sony? Or what if they did a partnership? They could bring great features to the ps3.

golsilva3294d ago

not really lately, its been a strong relationship for quite a while. its all about alliances. sony and google need each other in order to thrive. for example, ms makes a windows phone with xbox live functionality so naturally that has appeal to gamers. so if the 360 is out and wii doesnt have any achievement system that i know of, then the ps3 is the only one left. so have a psp phone with some type of psn support in order to attract gamers. plus google and sony have a good relationship, google handles the software like google tv or andorid 2.3 and sony hanldes the hardware.

Jrome3294d ago

Yeh, Sony and Google have been buddy buddy for a while. Hence the rumors of Google Chrome coming to ps3 etc.

One of the first Google TV's was from Sony. Google actually went to Sony first to create the Nexus One, but Sony passed and HTC made it instead.

HTC is also another company that collabs with Sony and Google.