IncGamers: Panorama Game Addiction Documentary Examined

Tim McDonald comes back fresh from a viewing of Addicted to Games?: Panorama with his thoughts on just how well it investigated the issues at its core.

From the article: "I just watched 'Addicted to Games?: Panorama,' as I suspect many of you did, and I'm horrified. Utterly horrified. Not at the looming, iceberg-like threat of games addiction destroying our society, but at the show itself."

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Maticus2926d ago

Aren't Panorama the team that stitched up the Michael Jackson interview?

Neckbear2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

What, honestly, just dismisses the show is the fact that it's the person, not the medium.

If videogames didn't exist, all these retards would be clinging up over another form of escapism, getting addicted to it, and utterly failing to recognize their own faults; instead going for the easy way out, scapegoating the media they used to entertain themselves while ignoring their responsabilities as a person.

It's just biased media, but this happens to every new form of entertainment that finds success: Movies, TV, hell, even TCGs. You know, all these were addicting, a major threat in our houses, and more evil and horrific than beings staight out of the darkest depths of our beloved Lovecraftian lore.

On a bright, sarcastic note, I can agree with the whole point of the episode: Online multiplayer isn't only killing good videogames, it's killing our humanity as a whole (dun dun DUNNN).