IGN: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Expansion Pack Hands-on - Addictive and Fun

If you thought Ryu's adventure was over, think again. Tecmo today released the first expansion pack for Ninja Gaiden Sigma unto the world with the release of the first Survival pack on the PlayStation Store. The pack is the first of three to be released in the coming weeks or months (no specific time frame has been given) and expands upon the core game with, you guessed it, a Survival mode.

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thereapersson4150d ago

This and the new Motorstorm packs are all equally well priced.

Gotta thank the developers for keeping the prices low, as Sony doesn't regulate pricing.

DevilishSix4150d ago

I would love to get this expansion pack or try Warhawk, but since PS3 update 1.92 my PS3 is gimped and all I get is a connection error. I have tried everything from resetting my cable modem, to trying wireless and hardline, to disable and enable settings. The update has basicly bricked my PS3 from being online. FU SONY!!!!

Loopy4150d ago

Delete your cookies and temp files.

[email protected]4150d ago

Delete ur temp and cache from the PS3. About the Warhawk expasion... it's almost 2 weeks since it was launch. Could u please way a while until the expasion arrive Geeezzz... some people this days overrating all the way over Jesus!.

THE_JUDGE4150d ago

did anyone download it and try it out?

pilotpistolpete4150d ago

Yep, its out, (3.49$ CAN, or probably 2.99$ US)

BloodySinner4150d ago

I'd probably kill just to play this title, since I'm a die-hard Ninja Gaiden fan. Why are you PS3 owners just ignoring this title? Heavenly Sword has got nothing on this. PLAY THIS GAME!

rev204150d ago

Its too short and not even as hard as people say it is, also has no replay value at all really.

Its a great game, but ive finished it now i aint goin back to it