Xbox 360 price drop gives console a 260% sales boost

MCV reports that Microsoft is celebrating a huge rise in sales of the Xbox 360. Following the price reduction across the entire Xbox 360 family and the launch of the Elite, Chart Track data indicates a massive 260% rise in UK sales.

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Anything but Cute4063d ago

Why wouldn't it? It did for PS3.

nasim4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

The launch of elite gave x360 boost for only a week .

not more than that.

But before that it was selling bad in UK so a 260% sales boost could be like 5k units

for prrof look here.

x360 is not among the top 20 gaming products sold at these retailers NOTE :- ps3 is above x360 ....ps3 is at no 23 but x360 is nowhere to be found

in all charts you can see motorstorm and resistance.

Yes ps3 is kicking x360's B*** in UK at the moment . In other parts of Europe the margin is a bit bigger.

The surge in x360 sales is only because of elite which is VERY TEMPORARY

spasticjustice4063d ago

@Nasim I can't believe this guy is still allowed to post.

gta_cb4063d ago

EVERY time i have gone into GAME, HMV or GAMESTATION (as i live in the UK) i have asked how the consoles are selling, and ALL have said the Xbox 360 are selling "well" or "very well" and the PS3s arnt doing as well. i also want to add i live in a very popular city so this isnt just going to be a one off.


nasim/larry007: your opinion, much like your very existence, is a CARTOON.

nasim =

click *SPAM*
click *IGNORE*

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Jeremy Gerard4063d ago

so much for the whole "PS3 is kicking 360s butt in Europe" argument.

Jeremy Gerard4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

why wouldn't it for Europe? do you think the sales will go up over 200% in the UK and not at all in the EU? UK EU, just semantics, those who said it was getting killed in Europe were wrong, period.

stonedog4063d ago

the UK is essentially Europe b/c it is the Anglo Saxon world where the 360 has the greatest penetration. However, the price drop should improve sales everywhere.

sanderFVCKINcohen4063d ago

isnt it doing good in France & Spain...I thought the only
countries 360 is not doing goood at is in Denmark or sweden

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Anything but Cute4063d ago

so now I hate Anglo Saxon's. I say hang those f*ckers. LOL Anglo Saxon

xfrgtr4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

"Xbox 360 also managed to remain high the following week, only falling by 20%."

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