Unreal Engine 3: Engine Overview

Witness some of the new features and support for Unreal Engine 3, the backbone to many of your favorite titles

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Cajun Chicken3292d ago

UT4 should look amazing with those open spaces. That's what Epic should be doing.

I wonder if Bulletstorm is using this build?

CombineElite3292d ago

The Unreal Engine, worst graphics engine ever.

toaster3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Haha what?! Maybe you need glasses pal, but UE3 looks great for how old it is. On PC is where it truly shines. Batman AA with everything maxed looks pretty damn good. Also UT3 can still hold its own against most console games.

Mista T3292d ago

well, on consoles it does look a bit bad. but on pc people make mods and stuff like terminator fps. check it out

WaggleLOL3292d ago

"The Unreal Engine, worst graphics engine ever."

Bumpy shiny normal maps everywhere! Everything made out of plastic!

The only reason a junk engine like UE is popular is because it lends itself so easily to putting out ridiculously fake PR shots thanks to the way normal maps work.

Unreal Engine PR Shots:

Unreal Engine Actual Gameplay:

STREET x KING3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

You can tell someone is a fanboy when they post a link to that blogspot where they have that biased gears vs uncharted comparison. That comparison tries to make gears look so bad! Uncharted does indeed look better so there's no need to make such a biased comparison. Anyone who thinks that's legit has never played gears thoroughly. I play both games, I love third-person shooters! They're my cup of tea!

InTheKnow3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

The guys crying are part of the " super computer " squad. Gears blew away the competition by years and continues to blow them away.

Lets take a look...early 2006 E3 " live " demo...bit blurry the video capture but blows the competition away regardless...

Here's 2008 live in game demo release...yup, blows the pretenders away...

How about a close up of the most detailed enemies ever created...bye-bye killzone and uncharted...

Did someone say " new " features for the top engine ever...hmmmm...someone is crying right

But...but... how will it look in game on a console you say...lets see...feb/2011...Bulletstorm

Bioshock Infinite looks really pretty...who wants to guess what game engine they are using...

BUT what about multi-player course Epic has there own game coming out in 2011 using the latest tech...once competition...

Sony KNOWS what's up right???...that's why they are using the unreal for their 2 big upcoming MMO's.

Thank-you Epic for saving this gen of gaming.

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awiseman3292d ago

This vid is so old its got its own social security number....

karlowma3292d ago

needs more realtime lighting.

tubers3292d ago

This wasn't as oomphy as when CryEngine 2 was featured 3 years ago. This looks like CE2 with just more texture.

So is this important because UE is trying to stand beside CE2? is UE cheaper and easier to use than CE 2 for the devs?

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