Catherine Box Art - A Not-So-In-Depth Analysis

"Perhaps “analysis” might be the wrong word here, but it is basically what I’ve been doing over the weekend, since seeing Catherine’s box art for the first time the other day. I don’t normally go out of my way to analyze every nuance of a game’s box art, but this time around is different. What I see in this box art – both versions – is an interesting mix of what the development team wants to convey both inside the game itself, as well as to the outside world, the consumers. Also, this gives me another chance to post the lovely box art, because you can never have too much of it!"

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thevokillist3291d ago

that box art is awesome! I need to excuse myself now!

Vegeta90003291d ago

PS3's boxart is awesome. 360's boxart is stupid.

PS3's boxart is wider and has a sexy picture. 360's boxart looks cropped and it trys too hard to look sexy. With the 360's boxart it looks like the girl fell down, not trying to make a sexy pose.

booni33291d ago

The box arts are both so suggestive...taking notice of Vegeta9000's clearly discriminative comment, how often do we see multiplats with different box art in the states?

allenhpark3291d ago

Apparently the game itself is going to be even more risque, bordering on erotic.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3291d ago

The game art style is really cool. But I can't really say I'm fond of the whole sexually explicit theme. Game sounds really interesting though.

Chadness3291d ago

Well, if they tie it to the story and theme of the game instead of just put it there to have it there, then I think it would work pretty well.

It's a mature game, and if it is handled in a good way within the story and game itself, this could be great.

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