GT5 - Things That Hold It Back

MMGN: "Gran Turismo 5 is a pretty good game. I don’t think many people doubt that. From the large range of cars on offer to the customization elements and racing structure, GT5 is definitely a welcomed addition to the franchise. However, it’s held back by a number of baffling design choices that seem to stand out more the longer you play it. This is a game that sometimes feels like a chore to play, as actual gameplay is buried beneath a hoard of confusing menus and long “installing” times. It’s that kind of game you can’t help but feel a little disappointed about, like a parent seeing their child being brought home in a police van; it’s not anger, just sheer disappointment."

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scar203292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Scram you troll you make me laugh.

Edit.Joined 1 day 3 hours ago.

Jailbroken3292d ago

Be honest, how many people here thought this game would have a Metacritic score of 84 after 51 reviews?

This game was being hailed as the best thing ever created. The Game to end all games. The game that would finally propel the PS3 out of last place.

It was at 83 earlier today, though, so I guess that makes it slightly "less fail" than before. lol

hay3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

@Jailbroken: So, you're judging the game based on Metacritic? The same Metacritic that added low score for MGS4 from website that didn't give it the score? The Metacritic whose score says GTA4 is the best game ever made? Where it says that according to players LBP and Burnout Paradise are mediocre games? And saying that FF13 is actually a "good" "RPG"?

You really want to base your judgement on THAT? Or just want to troll?

Are you a gamer or what?

I know what holds back GT5 and those aren't things. Those are... "people".

Sez 3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I don't think many people would have thought that GT5 would score so low. Especially after the insane "HYPE" it was getting from Sony,gamesite,and "MOSTLY" sonyfanboys. I just think is funny because sonyfanboys bashed Alan wake for it's low scores and how long it was in developement. Now to turn around and eat all the shit they were slinging with GT5.

I have played the game and trust me it deserves the score it has been giving. If I was to rate it just after what I've played do far (lvl 15 Aspec) ( lvl 8 Bspec) the game gets an 8-8.5 no higher.

1)The load time sucks

2)800 standard cars with no cockpits was a bad call on PD,

3)have to get to a high lvl just to get damage and tougher AI. Are you serious that not real

4) music sucks

5) graphic on standard cars are bad. Not as bad as alot of people make it out. But compared to the premium cars they look like shit.

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nycredude3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

How is that the games or developers fault? Here is what I think holds it back, and it took more than a 5 IQ to think it up...

I call it the Japanese game design factor. I.E. Final Fantasy 13.

Most of these pubs that are bashing the game are western. They expect quick, easy, hold my hand games. We are in the era of instant satisfaction. No one has patience to grind, work for satisfaction.

The inherent design choices of GT5 (not unlike past iterations) require that gamers take their time, plan, get to know the game's nuance, level up, improve their skills. This turns away a lot of gamers.

I'm not saying the game is perfect, cause it isn't, but then again what game is?

In the end it doesn't matter because the game will sell tons, because for every person like GenericUserName, there are many real gamers not scared of a challenge, and appreciate the love that went into this game.

jrbeerman113291d ago

First of all, GT is an established franchise that always put up great games. Most people who buy this game is not reading a review.

I dont think having to "work" through a menu system is necessary, I would rather "work" through the GAME. cmon you have to admit the menus and loading times are atrocious.

I have played the game and agree that while this game nails the driving aspect, the races arent as exciting due to bad AI, as well as bringing the right car almost guaranteeing a win.

its also offputting that a game can look great and awful at the same time. I dont care about shadows as much as the actual race tracks: half are amazing (sunsets, night races, newer tracks). but alot of the day races just look bad, like they just copied and pasted from ps2.

Dir_en_grey3292d ago

Things that holds it back? ...Shitty articles like this.

Cyrus3653292d ago

Some valid complaints, but most of the issues are almost a GT5 tradition, the only thing I wish they worked on is more aggressive AI's ,and more dynamic AI's, not just AI that sticks to the racing line, like perfect machines, while this may be realistic "proper" driving, it's not realistic.

Bereaver3292d ago

Cyrus, what level are you?

Cyrus3653292d ago

Not far, just got the game, Level 5, but I love the grinding of previous, and the whole leveling system is great.

I'm trying to get gold on all licenses.

zireno3292d ago


AI improves a lot in higher levels, I'm at level 20 right now and the races are pretty technical at this point, I have to block cars so that they don't get ahead of me, just having a pretty fast car doesn't cut it anymore.

morganfell3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

@Bereaver, good comment. I have had AI that I bumped roll up on me and put me into the wall. As the levels progress the skill and ferocity of the competition becomes apparent. When you find you have started to talk to the AI like they are people you know they got it right.

Far too many of these articles are written by people that do not even own the game and the authors(yeah right) are just rehashing what they have heard. Or else, we get these level nothings that have their 1 day opinion of the title.

Western players are too often the instant gratification people with no sense of investment. "I want it and I want it now" type of players should just move on down the line to NFS.

Serious players willing to put in some time will be rewarded like they never have by a racer.

DigitalAnalog3292d ago

Best way to check AI is though B-spec. At least it's a lot more apparent than A-Spec (in the early levels) from what I've heard.

-End of Line

Fatal Blow3292d ago

confusing menus and long “installing” times for me its not confusing and the installing time is not a problem its like they cant find a fault with the game but there trying so hard to pick what ever

BYE3292d ago

Confusing menus? Really?

juniordee3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Why does every article I read complain about the inability to change cars before a race? Is the "garage" button that hard to find? It lists all the cars you own that can be used in the race.

AKS3292d ago

That's been puzzling to me. It even filters by restriction if the race is limited to certain cars. Many of these "reviewers" make it seem like you have to wade through 17 complicated menus just to swap cars. You can change cars within a few seconds unless you've actually already entered a race.

MitchellK3292d ago

i dont know if this can be confirmed, but when i got to around level 15 i felt like the ai changed a bit. they dont stay on the racing line all the time, sometimes they spin out on their own and now if i park in the middle of the track they drive around me, but when i was at level 1 they just drove straight into me.
can someone confirm this?

zireno3292d ago

I can confirm it and it's true, I'll just copy what I said above.

"AI improves a lot in higher levels, I'm at level 20 right now and the races are pretty technical at this point, I have to block cars so that they don't get ahead of me, just having a pretty fast car doesn't cut it anymore."

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