IGN and GameStop join forces

From Paul Gale Network: " and announced a merger this morning. Now, both companies will share and crossover likenesses."

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HurricaneKick93294d ago

Wonder what this will mean for reviews? will journalists be more likely to rate games higher if advertisements go up? Hope not and wish for them to stay separated 'marketing on one side' and 'reviews on the other'.

OldSchoolGamer33294d ago

Yeah we don't need any unfair bs going on like GameSpot had a few years ago..

Bigpappy3294d ago

Yup! It means IGN will control the fait of Game Informer.

HolyOrangeCows3294d ago

" and announced a merger this morning"
Oh geez.

"Wonder what this will mean for reviews?"
Think 10/10s. LOTS of 10/10s.

Blaze9293294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

More like GameStop just deposited a lot of money into IGN's funds. As if I didn't have enough reason to no longer trust IGN before.

I wonder what this means for Gameinformer then.

tacosRcool3294d ago

Its the end of the gaming journalist world as you know it

Well be prepared to see a lot of Microsoft love as they expand the Xbox 360 section and shrink the almost non existent PC section and PSP and PS3 sections

AndrewRyan3294d ago

There is a reason PC section is non existant in stores... For a 59.99 game you can get it on Steam for 34.99 or maybe even 9.99. I got borderlands with all DLC for 14.99 on steam. Stores can't compete with steam, including gamestop. The only time stores actually care about PC gaming is when a Blizzard game is releasing since it doesn't release on Steam.

Sev3294d ago

This is weird. What about Game Informer? And how could you possibly trust an IGN review now? Although, I guess that isn't fair because I always trusted Game Informer's reviews.

Baka-akaB3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I wouldnt be worrying and wondering that much if i were you ...

IGN has been for long , if not always a marteking tool .

Their reviews are merely disguised ads for most games . It changes nothing i'd bet .

Chris3993294d ago

At least before IGN was just driven by console-loyalists and clicks. Now it's 100% infomercial.

GamerSciz3294d ago

Agreed. I used to "rely" (used loosely) on IGN reviews to get an idea if I wanted to rent a game or not I was unsure about. Nowadays not only IGN but game reviews in general are just pish posh. The only thing I am curious about IGN review is the NBC show "Chuck". If you read those reviews it is well thought out and done right unlike their gaming reviews.

DigitalAnalog3294d ago

Oh boy, I predict a sharp decline in PS3 exclusive ratings in the near future.

-End of Line

Chris3993294d ago

When they're this commercial they really shouldn't be giving critical reviews. At least not ones that count on the almighty Metacritic (a bit of spite in there as numerical review scores are generally uniformitive).

Hedberg3294d ago

This means the reviews will be handled by the IGNorant as usual and that the MS love will flow even heavier. I wouldn't be surprised if they put into effect immediately, that any Gamestop employee not pushing Micro$oft sHtuff above all other products are to be fired on the spot and given a 6.5 exit interview review score LOL :) Guess time will tell what will happen to the good folks at GameInformer.....more than likely they will be body-snatched and borged into thinking like IGN and become souless/mindless zealots.

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Vegeta90003294d ago

It's always nice to see 2 crappy companies join forces. It makes them easier to avoid & ignore.

Jackojwang3294d ago

LOL I almost thought it was GameSpot and IGN. That would be a megapower! Funnier would be GameSpot and GameStop since I ALWAYS mess them up and for once I could say either and mean both.

gunnerforlife3294d ago

@jack omg i swear until u mentioned it i thought it was gamespot :/ and was proper getting pissed of just because i finally thought their changing their ways!! if you wouldn't of brought that up id of still thought its gamespot :/

OldSchoolGamer33294d ago

I know that GameStop has an allegiance to Game Informer magazine (I believe they own GI) and since they have their own review system and IGN review games independently, what will happen?

KellyKellyWWE203294d ago

More than just that but doesn't IGN have it's own online store for buying games?

Ducky3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

It's been gathering some steam, but still isn't quite up to matching... steam.

Unplanned pun. =/

KillerPwned3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Somehow this does not surprise me at all. They will cause both companies to be worse in a gamers eye`s, lets not hope they give birth to a abomination.

Via la AMAZON!!!!!

LevDog3294d ago

Oh god.. 360 fanboy orgy..

Convas3294d ago

Isn't a Fanboy orgy of any type atrocious? Or are you just partial to one side?

lightningsax3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Clizzz is right. A Fanboy orgy would be... Oh no, make the mental image go away!!! Cannot un-see!!!

Jack-Pyro3294d ago


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