Bananas In Games, A Celebration

NowGamer: "Donkey Kong Country Returns is out on Friday, woo! We celebrate with a look at bananas in games.

10. Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade)
Striking a blow for woman’s rights everywhere, this 1981 successor to Pac-Man is every bit as enjoyable today as it was back then. In familiar Pac-Man style, fruit and other snacks would occasionally appear near the centre of the stage that, when gobbled up, would give players bonus points. The sixth and final snack is the coveted banana, which is worth 20 points. Ms. Pac-Man is clearly a big fan of the ‘five-a-day’ fruit plan, so the next time anyone tells you games breed lethargy or obesity, point them to the Pac-Man series and laugh in their face for."

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