Top 8 Rebound Relationships in Video Game History

Ranker: "Video game characters go through some of the most arduous emotional torture in all of fiction and through their travels and turmoil, often end up settling romantically for second-best. From losing their only love and turning to kidnapping to taking their brother's sloppy seconds to spending endless quests on the search for someone who's never there, here are the most iconic rebound relationships in video game history."

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basch-lives2967d ago

Those are a lot of rebounds!

thebudgetgamer2967d ago

yea, this article got more rebounds than dennis rodman.

FarEastOrient2967d ago

Hey doctor, you poisoned me and told me I was going to die, than later you told me it was worst.

blitz06232967d ago

Eh... I don't think Cloud/Tifa is a rebound relationship.

DORMIN2966d ago

Title and Picture made me LOL.

Poor Otacon, they should make a MGS spinoff dedicated to him finding a love that doesn't end so badly.

Buffniceguy2967d ago

Like come on ain't i right?

danielle0072967d ago

What about Lucas and Carla from Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit?

Lucas loves his girlfriend-ish whatever recent ex that you can have nookie with towards the beginning of the game. Then he gets dead within a week, and then 2 seconds later loves Carla. .. and makes sweet dead love to her.

Now THAT is a rebound relationship.

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