CVG:Total War on console? 'We're thinking about it', says dev

CVG:When we asked Creative Assembly when the franchise would come to consoles, lead designer Jamie Fergusson and lead artist Kevin McDowell said they were considering all angles.

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BlackIceJoe2877d ago

I think bringing Total War to consoles would be cool. I enjoy strategy games & it would be cool to play more of them on consoles.

Cevapi882877d ago

take a game like Rome:Total War or Empire: Total War, bring them to consoles and those games would have massive success imo

Kingmitch232876d ago

Strategy doesn't really have a very rich history on consoles, but if they could pull it off I would definitely have some interest.

Problem is that its almost always better on PC and the type of gamers who play it probably would rather it on PC

then again Total War might be the best candidate fir strategy console games

NYC_Gamer2876d ago

sega might as well give this a shot on consoles

BadKarmaSutra962876d ago

Oo I love me some Total War