Gran Turismo 5 Review -

The second part of Nyleveia's comprehensive Gran Turismo 5 review, covering the features and graphical differences between Gran Turismo HD Concept, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and the final retail version.

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newflesh3286d ago

Worth reading. Very indepth review indeed.

Maddens Raiders3286d ago

is really pushing it. I do a lot of writing myself and don't knock people easily who do it to "make a living", but it's hard to forgive someone who doesn't even take time to proof read their material before pushing it before the masses.

Her gripes are nearly completely subjective except for some of the ticky tack comparisons with GTHD.

The argument for the removal of the advanced braking system is a bit corny b/c >>> there's still adjusting to the binders that can be done no matter what.

She mentioned nothing of the depth and strength of this edition's license tests which is telling...

...and she gave it an 8.5 b/c "the main racing physics seem the same as before" (which were fantastic btw) but says this is forgivable b/c of the possibilities avail with "new modes, tracks, and a track editor"? wtf does that even mean?

she left a lg chunk of good research out of this & the rest to the imagination and had the balls to compare Forza's physics w/ GT's?

..and why did the music get a 9/10? It's great all the way every corner of the game. Was this b/c beiber of gaga weren't in the lineup?

This review simply. doesn't. cut it.

Nivalis3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

With comments like "and had the balls to compare Forza's physics w/ GT's" it sure sounds ike you're just angry that they didn't give it a 10

As for "She mentioned nothing of the depth and strength of this edition's license tests which is telling... ", watch the video, check out the username, check the username on GT5, when you see what level she is, then you can come back and stop assuming "omfg she hasn't got a clue she probably didn't even play it!"

Maddens Raiders3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

sounds like you're over reacting to my very valid points & have no idea about or inclination to play racing sims. :D
"omfg" was never typed & I don't assume. It was a poor review from a very weak website with little insight afforded if any at all, and her scoring throughout different parts of the "write up" were disjointed, arbitrary and ultimately made no sense. No matter what some little chick reviewer from "" writes about GT, it won't make a hill of beans to the legions of fans that are playing and will play this masterpiece of a game. You, I'm sure, & other haters & trolls like you will never know that. So sorry, that's the truth. Deal with it.

Nivalis3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

You see that's the reason you fall flat on your face, you ASSUME, that because they don't fall out of their chair to call it the best thing since sliced bread, that they are, and that i am, a "hater", which further highlights how biased your opinion actually is.
Had you taken the time to read the review properly, and read the first part of the review you would have seen, and duely noted, that far from being haters, the reviewer is in fact, a long time fan of the series, owning each and every game including GT5 despite having a review copy of it too.

I have both article authors on my friends list, one of them is level 20, the other is level 34, far be it from me to jump in and call you out, but how many haters do you know whome both have the game and are beyond level 15?, hell, i'd be willing to bet most of your friends who LOVE the game arent even level 20 yet either.

Fact of the matter is sadly clear from reading your responses, you absolutely adore GT5, and that's fine, i do too, but i at the very least have the presence of mind to stand back at times and say "you know what, there are parts of this game that need some love", it doesn't make you a hater, it doesn't make you a troll, it just means you're being realistic, and not a blind fanboy.

Oh, and those "Haters" of GT over at nyleveia?

Yeah, a hater would TOTALLY own every single version of the game, including extremely rare BMW virtual drive versions too.