Rumor : Team ICO's new PS3 exclusive to be revealed at TGS

One user at the PS3 forums claims that he knew from a source in Sony Computer Entertainment that the next game from the team who made Shadow of the Colossus will be a PS3 exclusive. Furthermore, a teaser/trailer of it will be released at TGS.

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GoLeafsGo4060d ago

No need to rush, though.
We all know the wait is more than worth it =)!

cloud3604060d ago

Shadow of colossus had extreme graphics of latest gen ps2....

Compare FFX to Shadow of collouss. improvments....

Its like comparing SUper Mario World to donkey kong country.....

They shud take advantage of ps3 capabilities.... andother shaodw of colussus

ISay4060d ago

shadow is one of my faviorate games of all time beuatiful and genius at the same time i would be happy with a ps3 port with updated grafix on the psn but this would really make me happy, take all the time you need team ico ill wait.

Shadow Flare4060d ago

yet i know i'll be buying it

nix4060d ago

anyway, i loved SOTC, though i still have couple of monsters left to kill... i am sure their next project is going to be as epic as the SOTC.

i would be happier if the game is ready... you know introduce the new game, release screen-shots, game-play videos and then release it within few weeks. q:

tplarkin74060d ago

It was short, but it was amazing. ICO is more for adults because the pacing is slow. But I suggest that you buy ICO and give it a try. (I never played Shadow.)


tplarkin, I suggest that you should try shadow, its nothing like ICO, thats why you should try.

Vojkan4060d ago

Team ICO is Sonys first party so there is no need to say "exclusive" we all should assume that it is.

Shadow Flare4060d ago

yeah but it's nice to rub it in a bit.


actually im not, its nice to really rub this one in

sonarus4060d ago

ahhhh. this ought to be big. makes me wonder what other suprises are going to be revealed at tgs?

Vojkan4060d ago

OMG i just notice this is taken from forum!? Some guy told us!? Jesus Christ!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.