Sony suffers worst ever week for PSP

MCV reports on ChartTrack figures which indicate that Sony's PSP endured its worst ever week of sales in the UK last week. The poor sales figures have been blamed on the imminent arrival of the slimmer and lighter model. Sony told MCV that retailers are "thinning out" stock of the original PSP to make way for the new model which is released in the UK on September 14.

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Karebear4061d ago

Who would buy the original with the 2000 coming out? This makes total sense.

spasticjustice4061d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking.

nasim4060d ago

People didnt buy the OLD PSP cuz the new One would be out this week.

Hopefully psp,ps3 and ps2 would bury alive x360 this week

sumfood4u4061d ago

Be awesome when Crisis Core, FFT, an Castelvaina hits in OCT?

Honcho4061d ago

lol this was kinda stupid to post... Watch next week when the slim is released psp will have hightest recorded sales ever in uk. lol

LeonSKennedy4Life4060d ago

The Slim will sell very well, I'm sure.

Crisis Core will bring it back up too.