Is it Time for a New Wii

As the Nintendo Wii enters it's fifth year on the market, rumors and whispers about the next Nintendo console are becoming more and more common. Nintendo's previous game consoles have typically had 5 years on
the market before the successor has been released, but does that necessary mean that the follow up to the Wii will be unleashed on the public in 2011?

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Theyellowflash302876d ago

I would like the Wii 2 to come out Holiday next year. Backwards compatible with Wii games, HD graphics, improved online setup, no friend codes, some sort of achievement system, a Harddrive, optical sound out (which the original PS2 has), and all games to have classic control and wii mote support.

If the Wii 2 does these things It will cater to both the hardcore and casual crowds in a equal capacity.

turok2876d ago

I liked everything on ur list... except one:

"some sort of achievement system"

that ruined it for me. Maybe just maybe i thought u were a real gamer. until i read that...

and it doesnt need hd that myth needs debunking nao.

Theyellowflash302876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

So im not a real gamer cause I want some sort of achievement system? Thats the dumbest sh!t Ive heard. I play all the games on all system. I got a PS3,360, and Wii. I dont hate on the wii or anything. Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country are GOTY contenders for me.

I think you need to chill. Just because you dont want a achievement system doesn't mean nintendo shouldnt have one. Considering a lot of there games have in game achievements like: Wii sports resort, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Metroid trilogy. Just tie it to a profile so your friends can see what your playing.

Mahr2875d ago

New hardware is overrated. If possible I would prefer to put off for as long as possible having to shell out several hundred dollars to have the opportunity to play a bunch of underwhelming games, as all launch and first-year titles invariably are and invariably will be.