Sony needs consistent PS3 strategy: videogame publisher

Square Enix President Yoichi Wada told reporters on Friday: "Sony first unveiled the PS3 as a mighty home electronics product. Then, after some badgering from game companies, it shifted the position of the console closer to a game machine". "The future of the PS3) would be tough if its marketing strategy is not straightened up," he said.

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AznSniper4061d ago

Squeenix don't seem to realize that their games will move a lot of units for PS3. So bring on the games Squeenix and stop complaining!

BIadestarX4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

And Sony does not seem to realize that if released on the xbox 360 Square Enix games will move a lot of units for the xbox 360.

Square Enix is probably the most important 3rd party game and losing them can be devastating for the Playstation... Sony they can complain and B!tch all the want since Sony needs them more than they need Sony.. they got Sony by the testicals.. Imagine they announce multiplatform? that alone will hurt Sony... how about exclusivity for the xbox 360? Not going to happen.. but this gives you an idea of how much power Square Enix have over Sony.

Yes, Sony listen to your daddy (Square Enix) and follow instructions.

RedSeven4061d ago

This guy must be Captain Obvious sailing the No Sh!t Seas.

Bloodmask4061d ago

is complaining bc they stand to see little return on their investments like FF13 with the PS3 install base being too small. The games budget is probably huge.

With the PS2 install base it was easy to make money bc it was so large. PS3 not so much. Despite what people want to believe SquareEnix is just out for money not brand loyalty.

That is why you already see games like Last Remnant being released on 360.

mighty_douche4061d ago

but the ps2 had a massive install base due to its line up of massive games, as of yet the ps3 hasnt had a single 1. in 2008 with titles like LBP, MGS4, FF13, killzone etc all coming together the consoles will simply fly off the shelf. next year will either make or break the playstation, i personly predict nothing but good things once they start release some of these HUGH exclusive titles!

Nicosia4061d ago

What he is saying is absolutely true, you can spin it how you want. In my opinion the ps3 needs a jumpstart (again) because its going more in obscurity. Like i pressed before the pr needs to step up, promote the heck out of it. Also Sony line doesn't seem to be promoting its games as a ''premier'' title (they could have promoted Motorstorm better).Instead of focusing on how there better then the compatition, they should be promoting whats great about it. Still its got a core of people playing it, but mosly those who where hyped up in it.Lets be honoust, the games aint justifying the purcess now. But also the focus on 2008 is just a wrong, get it steady and be like a little fire and in the end blow it up.

rev204061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Wait lets get this right playstation is in obscurity yet, worldwide its keeping up with its competitors at double the price and more of there cheapest systems.

I dont get how thats obscure at all, sensible logic tells me that when it gets cheaper it will sell even more therefore its going to get bigger

Nicosia4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

''Must defend, not read full comment''. I knew somebody was going to reply like that. If you read it correctly it gets no love from the mainstream, and often people frown uppon in because of the high price point. AND ALSO READ ''its INTO obscurity'', don't be so defensive. My point is that its need to step up its ''good'' PR, instead of more negativ news its getting.

If its gets cheaper it will sell (SEE ps2) but even with a pricecut (which we all know its very hard to do) its still going to be a high price. Lets just talk about the price before comparing in to other consoles (i know your thinking ''but the x360 elite might be for the same price'').Also back to PR, look how Nitendo is marketing the wii which is awsome. The need to spin the negativ to good..and let people see what there 600 bucks is worth it.

Zevious4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

The main drawback to the PS3 is its price. it's a fantastic piece of hardware but Sony marketing completely blew it when it launched. Nothing focused on what the hardware was capable of (doing a Rubik's Cube? Please...). And the game were just not there for them to justify a $600+ price tag. If they had given some idea to Mr./Ms. Average Consumer on just what that price represented, what the future possibilities of it were and SOME MUST BUY GAMES from the start, Sony would be in a lot better position than it is right now. IMHO I think Sony launched the PS3 a year too early. A November 2007 launch, with the line up of games that will soon be out, would have given Sony the guns to dethrone MS and kill the Wii's momentum, even at more than double the retail sale price. The PS3 launch should be studied by any manufacturer that will deliver a new console for how NOT to deliver a system: don't be arrogant, make it about what the system can do for the price you pay and most importantly- games, games, games!

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