GT5 Revs Sales, Resistance 3 Gameplay Soon, Much More - Nick's Gaming View Episode #32

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #32, Nick covers this week's latest news including the impressive sales of Gran Turismo 5 and the content overload for Battlefield Bad Company 2. Nick also talks about the announcement of Resistance 3 gameplay coming soon along with provides the industry with the most in-depth Gran Turismo 5 review. This is Nick's Gaming View!"

-Nick McCandless (

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Nick2120043292d ago

What do you guys think of Gran Turismo's start as far as sales go? 1.8 million worldwide in 48 hours is pretty solid and seems to be on the pace of Gran Turismo 4 at this point.

WaggleLOL3292d ago

I am pretty sure it was around 3 million for the first 48 hours.

There were the usual fake vgchartz numbers that were posted 2.4 million that were immediately shown to be about 500k or so too low by legitimate sales numbers.

The latest sales from France show GT5 selling at 60 percent faster rate than GT4.

Nick2120043292d ago

Can you provide me with a source/link? Everywhere I look confirms 1.8 million in two days.

WaggleLOL3292d ago

The fake vgchartz 2.4 million number was a story right here on N4G.

And there was discussion that the actual numbers were closer to 3 million.

GenericUserName3292d ago

Lol you guys can't be serious. You actually believe that GT5 sold 3 million in 2 days and SONY said nothing?
You actually believe that since it was discussed on n4g then somehow that 3 mil becomes legit? Ha, don't make me laugh.
Until Sony say otherwise, 1.8 million in 2 days is what it is.
Lol I cannot believe the make.believe. that is going on around here.

nycredude3292d ago


So you think it is more accurate to go by 1.8M in two days just because Sony didn't say anything? YOur method is just as inaccurate and deserve a facepalm.

3292d ago
3292d ago
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Troll_Police3292d ago

Yeah, check you numbers there Justin Bieber.

memots3292d ago

yes because number matters sooooo much.

BrianC62343292d ago

I'd like to know what GT5's first week sales were. I was out of town most of that week and got my copy on Saturday. It came out the day before Thanksgiving. US sales the first two days were pretty low. I bet they're way past that now.

btk3292d ago

Good sales regardless of the media trying its damnest to downplay GT5.

poopoojames3292d ago

they are downplaying it because it isn't that great. Sales are good but not 10million good.

Also, hopefully Resistance3 is nothing like Resistance2.

ThanatosDMC3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I'm hoping the amount of content in R3 is much more than R2. They could still fit more on that bluray disk.

They really need to bring back the feeling that you're using a Chimera on multiplayer instead of a reskinned human.

Pennywise3292d ago

3mil in 2 days SUCKS! You are right poopoojames. You are not a troll, just an informed mature adult with a firm grip on reality.

WaggleLOL3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

GT4 sold 11.12 million copies

The most recent sales figures that were just posted today for GT5 have it selling at a 60 percent faster rate than GT4...

BrianC62343292d ago

GT5 isn't that good? What planet do you live on Poopoo? Real GT fans have no problem with GT5. I haven't stopped playing it and won't be for a long time. It's exactly what I like about the series. I never cared about things like showing damage on cars. I don't want it to be Forza or Need For Speed or Burnout. Or any other racing game. To those of us who have played GT since it first came out GT5 is a great game.

GenericUserName3292d ago

I would love a link to this 3 mil in 2 days that you people got going on. Or is that more guesses to favour your console brand rather that the vgchartz numbers that seem significantly less?

nycredude3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Why are you guys responding to this troll? Look at this fool trying to downplay Gt5 sales now... So now 3,000,000 in a week isn't 10,000,000 great right?

Show me a game that sold 10,000,000 in 1 weeks?

Even Halo, COD and any other big name game didn't do their numbers in 1 week or 2. GT5 will sell that much eventually.

So when it does what are you going to say then. Gt5 isn't that great. Sales are good but not 20,000,000 good?"

GTFO Ogre!

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killajd3292d ago

I for 1 saw this coming. GT5 has always been a huge game! Plus with all the additions this time around making it even bigger... What I cant wait to see is Resistance 3!!!

fight4love3292d ago

wouldn't be surprised if it hit 4 mill by years end.

dkblackhawk503292d ago

Why does he look so stoned?

Nicaragua3291d ago

Because he is a dull uncharismatic boy with the stage presence of a wet fart.

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