AfricanGamer | Open Letter To Michael Pachter

I write this open letter in hopes that one day you would read this and make a meaning out of it. You might not know me, but I do know you as I am convinced that eventually every gamer that access the internet knows you. My Name isn’t important as I am only trying to give Africans a gaming voice. I am from Africa, and in my early 20s. Most people think that Africa is a bush and civility is that part is the world does not exist, but I will tell you the truth, Africa is like every other continent and we have the same sense of humanity as others. This isn’t my burning issue right now as I will leave that for another day.

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CombineElite3290d ago

When I think of Africa I think of the Safari and all the beautiful natural wildlife then the Egyptian Pyramids. I remember that human life and maybe even all life started in Africa then I think of all the fun things to do in wonderful cities such as Johannesburg Durban and Cape town.

Now you have ruined all that cause now every time I think of Africa the image will be ruined by the thought that you a gamer actually cares about what Michael "I smoke Crack" Pacther says. The guy talks out of his ass and if you ever meet him in person you could smell what I'm talking about. Pacther is a paid moron, leave him be.

proudly_X3290d ago

you really do think you have got those things ruined? Pacther is no God, he makes predictions and not laws. . . try checking the meaning of predictions. No offense.