Head Gamer in Charge

"Every field, every sport, and every art form has one. Some have been left unused for ages and covered with dust. Some are still warm and kept in mint condition. Others are covered with blood stains, bullet holes and knife cuts. Every kingdom must have a throne, isn’t it time for the gaming world to have its own? Who is the king of video gaming? Or as I like to put it, who’s the HGIC, the Head Gamer In Charge?"

See some Candidates after the jump.

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TheSleepyGamer3288d ago

Aren't kings of sport and such born out of competition? If so wouldn't the closest thing to a 'gaming king' be tournament champions and the like?

Call_me_Ishmael3288d ago

head gamer??hmmmm,i just sparked and idea,they should hold gaming Olympic games and have representatives from each country play in the genre of games they are representing,only then shall we know who rules games and which country has the best gamers

TheSleepyGamer3288d ago

It'd need to include more than just mass Starcraft games :) .

pat_11_53288d ago

StarCraft champions of the world, FPS games? Probably not so much.

pat_11_53288d ago

lol that already exists, it's called WCG. Google it.