Mortal Kombat to reveal a new Kombatant if they win most anticipated game at the the VGAs

"MK Community Manager twitter have announced that they will announce a new character if they win most anticipated game at the the VGAs."

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DoomeDx3294d ago

To bad they wont win the 'Most anticipated game'.

No offense, Mortal Kombat is awesome, but most anticipated?

zeeshan3294d ago

My most anticipated game has to be Killzone 3

karl3294d ago

resistance 3 here...

and then killzone 3..

Christopher3294d ago

They'll likely reveal the new character anyway. Just a lame way to try and get people to vote them up, which in the end won't do anything anyway.

Kleptic3294d ago

yeah i'm surprised they can even do this...'if we win a 100% pointless contest against other developers, we will give a tribute to our fans...possibly...thats if of course they care about a 'new' playable character'...

just do it anyway...This sounds like something Activision would do...

can't lie though, i am looking forward to a mortal kombat reboot...

Kurylo3d3294d ago

Its not a reboot... this game actually takes place after the events of mortalk kombat armageddon... The story says raiden sends his past self images of the future .. of armageddon in order to stop it... and its back in the time period of mk1-3...

Kleptic3294d ago

oh ok...Sorry didn't know that, just saw the videos and a lot of familiar MK2 stuff was in it...that and its name simply going as 'mortal kombat' now made it seem as if it was pretty simple...

BrianC62343294d ago

Sounds like they're trying to buy votes. No thanks though. I'm sure not anticipating that game really. It might end up being okay but it wouldn't even make my top ten most anticipated games list.

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farhsa20083294d ago

Well its not like we wont get to play as that character anyway

ForNgoods3294d ago

the way i see it, they'll just release it as DLC and make us pay for it if they dont win the most anticipated game of the year award.

VenGencE9993294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I'd bet that even if they did win they'd still realease it as DLC and still make us pay for it...

RockmanII73294d ago

Should have said so before 99% of the people who are going to vote did. My vote went to Portal 2.

Kleptic3294d ago

yeah its pretty arrogant of them to think they even have a chance...

a 'cool' developer would try something like this towards another devs game that they were looking forward to...not their own...if they said 'we will do something awesome if portal 2 wins', i'd probably end up getting more excited for mortal kombat than i otherwise am...

R_aVe_N3294d ago

lol they have a very slim chance of winning that. There are tons of games coming MC will not even come close.

R0l33294d ago

lmao. I was thinking 'didn't he mean MK?' glad to see someone correct him.

specialguest3294d ago

MC as in Mortal Comeback, becuase this is their final come back attempt, since all of the more recent MK games were average at best.

JohnnyMann4203294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Lame...just lame. Even if it meant Mortal Comeback they would still spell it with a K.

specialguest3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

You sir... are way too deep into this whole Mortal Kombat thing and the fact that the letter K is tyipcally used to replace words starting with the letter C in the MK universe. Have a nice day.

"Mortal Kombat" -- brought to you by the letter K and the number 11.

ForNgoods3294d ago

what can the letter K do that C cant?

JohnnyMann4203294d ago

Ehh.... looks like we'll have to wait because no way in hell that is going to happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.