Console War: What Is It Good For?

If you think about it, at times the internet bears parallels to the terraces when it comes to video games. Like the football pitch, the actual content - the reveals, the rumours, the reviews - should be the focus of everyone's attention but often forums and comments sections deteriorate into passionate arguments about how the latest scores, screenshots or exclusives prove that the PS3 is superior to the Xbox 360 or vice versa.

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WaggleLOL3292d ago

CVG is a garbage site. It never fails with these types of crap sites, they spew fanboy garbage all year long and then try to hide behind these "OMG!!! teh Fanboys!!!" articles.

3292d ago
HolyOrangeCows3292d ago

I'm so sick of phonies on these game sites. Here on N4G, too.

People going around posting their account names in every comment to indicate they have both systems (Even though all you need is access to the internet - and if you think I care enough to check to see if it's a legit used account, you've obviously overestimated how much I care), adding stuff like "Play games, not platforms" at the end of all of their comments, writing bios that say "ZOMG IM NOT TEH FANBOY"

If you have to continually validate yourself, there's probably an issue.

darthv723292d ago

I will admit that at the beginning of a console generation I will have picked out my "go to" system but will not turn a cold shoulder to what the others have to offer.

I can respect a players intent to play just one system if they can respect my intent to play them all. Big props to those who can find entertainment value out of a single platform. I dont know if I could be that loyal.

I am a console gigolo if you will.

thebudgetgamer3292d ago

too much fun to be had with multiple consoles to just have one.

Chris3993292d ago

It's natural. You just gravitate to whatever console you like the most. Whether it's the games, the history that you've had with the brand, the box your friends play, whatever. There will always be one you like more and people's attitudes and comments reflect that.

Opinions are fine, and everyone is entitled to their own, but it would be nice if people could argue the consumer end of things more than the personal attachments that they have with their console. How are these companies serving us as consumers? There are universal things - incessant DLC, constant patching (console games are now almost as bad as PC ones), micro-transaction after micro-transaction - that exist on each console that I universally dislike.

creatchee3292d ago

@darth Agreed. Gamers with multiple consoles have more access to the best games.

The console war is a good thing to me. Any competitive atmosphere makes the parties involved continually come up with new ways to keep the consumer entertained. If one party is in control, that drive isn't there to stay on too because there are no challengers. And no drive means it's less likely to see groundbreaking and enthralling titles.

The bad part about the console war is the fanboys. They do nothing to serve gaming lifestyle and are a black eye to this industry, as they are in just about any other medium. Even their entertainment value dwindles quickly when you realize that logic and reason will never be a part of their arguments or way of thinking.

Christopher3292d ago

Web site ad revenue. CVG knows this just as well as anyone else.

N4WAH3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Listen to me

Boody-Bandit3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Ohhh, war, I despise because it means destruction of innocent lives

paintsville3291d ago

Absolutely nothing if you own a PS3 you've already lost. Mandatory installs, reduced resolutions, poor frame rates, torn frames, scaled back effects, missing geometry, no cross game chat, the list goes on, oh and lets not forget the PS3HDWii shameless copy of the Wii controller. What a joke. No wonder ps3hdwii fanboys get so mad.

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TheStorm3292d ago

You know what I really think the problem is anymore. Is that the Internet being so cheap and easy to program, we have an excessive abundance of "Gaming websites/critics" on the web. I would say that 99.9 percent of them should not be around, they are nothing more then amateur people trying to get hits by creating console wars and fights. And it works, so what happens next is that advertising money goes their way. Now the "once professional" sites like IGN, Gamestop, GT, ect who really were professionals, now need to compete for the ad dollars they have lost to crappy sites like this one above, and thousands of others.

To compete now IGN and so forth become like the amateurs and act like little fanboys with no facts backing them up and just scream out purely nonsensical rants so they can get hits and get people riled up. Or people like IGN rush reviews don't really play it so they can get more ad money.

What needs to happen is all these amateur arm char critics/game websites need to be purged, so that the money will go back to IGN and the old pros, and hopefully they would stop acting like idiots to get hits. It is a vicious cycle that has started in the past 5 years and has only gotten worse.

nnotdead3292d ago

i said something similar a few days ago.

instead of blogs becoming more professional, professional sites have become more blog like.

TheStorm3292d ago

I agree, and it's what continues to fuel these wars in an endless cycle. It really pisses me off, I use to go to all said sites such as IGN, Gamespot, ect were so professional, and that is what they wanted to do, is create as objective of a system as possible. Not anymore though, all they do is run behind "it's my opinion" but it based purely on emotion, and no logical system, such as what to compare it to, and some objective measures. Gamespot's old system was great. Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, and Value. Those were more so objective compared to others. (yes there is opinion in all but not as much) then there was "Reviewers Tilt" and that allowed the critic to put in his emotion in this small section of the review that did not effect it majorly. Today like IGN just picks arbitrary numbers, and does not even use those arbitrary numbers when they average the score, so they create a second arbitrary number for the over all. It's sad anymore.

visualb3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

"Console War: What Is It Good For?"

CVG's web traffic...

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poopoojames3292d ago

it is a lulz, but people on this site get genuinely hurt when something does not go the way of the ps3. Then they accuse you of being a troll when you don't accept the next ps3 exclusive as being the best game ever. Kind of sad.

BlackTar1873292d ago


you've been singing the same toon in every article troll much? Some might find what your doing just as fanboyish as what your describing. STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM PEOPLE IT SHOWS NO CLASS

Lionhead3292d ago

Um no offense but it happens on both sides.

Like usual though, a "non-biased" person butts in to bash one camp over the other (who causes the same problems) like usual. There are enough fanboys on both sides, I go to gamefaqs and there are plenty more 360 fanboys on all PS3 exclusive boards and the hardware board.

You come here and there are plenty more PS3 fanboys in all the articles.

I never see these "neutral gamers" complain when N4PS3G, shutupandplay, GreenRingofLife, or others comment.

BlackTar1873292d ago


I agree im not 100% neutral but i play every systems pc included and almost every game for those systems (Ones that are good) I prefer my ps3 because of trophies and family and friends but i play my 360 alot since ive been playing COD for both systems lately. Its just annoying to read but but but over and over. Like its childish that im doing it but they did it first so were both childish like OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and so what does that mean your happy to be childish as long as your comp. is childish to? I mean how childish is that line of thought anyways.

If you guys don't agree that's fine i always respect peoples opinion its just whining that gets under my skin.

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