Blizzard Suing Korean Cable Company Over Televised Matches

Blizzard is continuing it's push to sue Korean cable company, MBC, after months of arguments and court battles regarding the "public domain" nature of Starcraft footage.

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kdogdaddy2968d ago

I believe Activision is completely in their right in this instance.

Losi2968d ago

Agreed. If the owners of the product can't get residual, where would this world be?

SactoGamer2968d ago

For once I agree with Activision on something.

godslayer4292968d ago

cuz the billion dollars a year the make isnt enough

kdogdaddy2968d ago

REGARDLESS of how much a company makes, I believe in the protection of intellectual rights.

Pocker2968d ago

take a look at how many lawsuits blizzard have opened up in the past 5 years.

and then tell me its not all about the money.

huzzaahh2968d ago

Of course it's all about the money. Activision is a company and companies need money to survive.

yewles12968d ago

They're not getting MINE! *nelson laugh*

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The story is too old to be commented.