Game Trailers Reviews Stranglehold

Inspector Tequila is back to bring justice to the streets, but does this game bring justice to the action genre?

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ISay4425d ago

i am a big fan of GameTrailers reviews i like the video, their grading system, and and the guy they get to narrate every thing is easy to listen to. ps. that last part may have come off a little gay but im ok with that

Karebear4425d ago

After playing something like GRAW2 ... Stranglehold demo felt clunky and out of date. Much more along the Rainbow Six category. The shading was very glitchy. Once again I missed the ability to jump and the incessant sliding over flat objects got to be very annoying. The AI if there was any was very poor. People tended to just walk out to a spot and stand there and shoot. I was really looking forward to this title and was left feeling very let down after finishing the demo.

Maybe the retail version is better?

vaan4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

I down loaded the demo from PSN last night. It's crap. Once you get bored with the 'Max Payne' slow mo shooting and sliding over objects, you realize that is all there is to it.
Sixty bucks? Screw that!